Numéro Netherlands is excited to bring you a daily dose of holiday cheer as we unveil a spectacular array of products that will elevate your gifting game. Today’s pick is no other than the iconic Galleria bag.

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In the realm of luxury fashion, few pieces stand the test of time and trend like the Prada Galleria Bag. Named after the historic Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan, where Prada’s journey began in 1913, this bag pays homage to the brand’s craftsmanship while embracing contemporary aesthetics. 

Its simple and pure lines draw inspiration from classic styles of the past, reminiscent of 1940s’ frame-shaped bags. The rectilinear shape and curved top-handle add a touch of vintage charm. Inside, a thoughtful design with three parallel compartments, two of them zippered, and a discreetly hidden third compartment

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While the silhouette remains constant, the surface of the bag has been endlessly reimagined, offering a spectrum of colors and an array of leathers. Crafted from the patented Saffiano leather, a material introduced by Mario Prada himself, the Galleria bag comes in some versions of embellished and embroidered, while others feature subtle topstitching or serve as a canvas for exploration through graphic shapes and contrasting hues. 

Its constant evolution allows the Galleria bag to stay relevant, season after season, adapting to the mood of the moment and the spirit of the times.

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