Numéro Netherlands is thrilled to bring you a daily dose of holiday cheer as we unveil a spectacular array of products that will elevate your gifting game. Today, we prepare you for the cold days with our two favorite jackets from the new Colmar Revolution line.

Yosuke Aizawa, founder of White Mountaineering, and Colmar meet again, united by a shared love for snow and the outdoors—the very essence that gave birth to both iconic brands. Crafted from cutting-edge technical fabrics, the collection reflects a harmonious blend of their passions. Aizawa’s signature play with essential Japanese style is evident in the solid hues complemented by striking color block tones, drawing inspiration from nature. Followed by the soft volumes and practical, comfortable designs of the garments.


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Parka featuring a fixed hood and crafted from waterproof mini-ripstop fabric. This puffy down jacket is a treasure trove of details inspired by Colmar’s ski jacket heritage, seamlessly infused with the distinct style and taste of Yosuke, the creative mind behind the new Colmar Revolution line. With its oversized silhouette and contemporary allure, this piece boasts a glossy effect and a vibrant color-block aesthetic. 


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This jacket features a fixed hood made of recycled fabric with iridescent effect and water-repellent treatment. The smooth 3-layer fabric, coupled with wavelike quilting and smooth inserts, creates a dynamic and strong-willed aesthetic, highlighting a contemporary vibe. The garment’s comfortable fit and soft cuts are distinctive features of Aizawa’s design, offering a perfect balance of style and vision. 

The Revolution line includes a range of sweatshirts, knitwear, and trousers, offering versatile options to complete any look. Revolutionizing through technical precision, this collaboration seamlessly merges the distinctive personalities of Aizawa and Colmar, resulting in a product that not only encapsulates their shared vision but also aligns with the contemporary trends of the moment.

Stay tuned to Numéro Netherlands as we unveil a new product every other day until Christmas, helping you curate the perfect gifting list for your loved ones, friends, family, or yourself.

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