Our 10th issue titled ‘Frenzy’ is all about the need to create. Following our own frenzy, we have collaborated with the eyewear brand polette on one of the most exciting projects of 2024. Together we created an exclusive capsule collection, now available online and in stores. And to honour this beautiful collaboration, last Thursday we took over polette’s Amsterdam showroom.

The showroom of polette, located at Huidenstraat 24B, one of the popular Negen Straatjes in Amsterdam. The showroom had, of course, a cute display set up with our sunglasses, as well as some extra elements, including old TVs stacked on top of each other. Playing either the campaign we shot together or actually live-streaming footage of security cameras hidden around the store – a perfect opportunity for our guests to take some really cool pictures.
Walking up the stairs to the main space of the store, everyone was greeted by a DJ booth and Joiah – our Music Director and talented DJ who never disappoints; and a bar with free Gin Tonics provided by Roku Gin. 

Our guests clearly couldn’t wait for the takeover to start, and so we kicked off the party a bit earlier than anticipated. The day was sunny, the vibe was relaxed and the tunes were uplifting. Everyone stepping into the store was curious to try on the frames of our collaboration – and I have not seen a single person who didn’t absolutely rock them!
The turnout was truly incredible. Not only was the showroom full, but the sidewalk in front of the store and on the other side was packed with people mingling and celebrating with us. 

And just when you thought things couldn’t get any better during the peak of chatter, music and laughter, Joiah announced a special surprise, which was no other than Keta Minaj. The Drag Queen came prancing down the street, dressed all in red. Red tights, red corset and red gloves – the only contrasting thing was her yellow hair with black strands. Keta Minaj gave us a show to remember, dancing through the crowd on the street and inside the full store, voguing to songs like “Barbie Girl ” by Aqua or “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls, entertaining the crowd with her magnetizing presence. Her performance ended in fireworks when she lit up the tips of her corset boobs while performing to the same-titled song by Katy Perry. 
Not gonna lie, the surprise was a huge success and left many (including our photographer Miyanne) in absolute awe.

After Keta Minaj’s number, Joiah came back to her tunes, and people, now even more encouraged, enjoyed the music inside while getting another Roku Gin drink. The Japanese craft Gin is a combination of six Japanese and eight traditional botanicals, each one harvested during the peak of its season to ensure the best flavour. The Gin tonics were not only delicious but also super refreshing on this sunny day.

The store takeover was not only highly anticipated by all of you and us – the team of Numéro Netherlands, but also the polette designer that we teamed up with to create these super cool sunnies. 
Kevin Kar Hou Chung, Chief Designer of polette, flew in to meet all of us and celebrate his creation. To design the sunglasses, Kevin wanted to design something futuristic, yet wearable for everyone, and I think we can all agree that he definitely delivered, creating something unique that really works for everyone.

The shades Numéro Netherlands x polette are a limited edition, designed exclusively for our 10th issue ‘Frenzy’. The collection includes three colorways ‘Frenzy Grey’ – with pink lenses in a grey frame, ‘Frenzy Bronze’-  a bronze frame with ombre lenses in Blue to Yellow, and ‘Frenzy Black’ – a black frame with black/grey lenses. 
Both the frame and shades were handcrafted from high-quality TPU and metal, and include a special feature: you can convert the shades into a sunshield due to magnetic attachment to the frame. 
This feature is not only creative and supports the essence of both, polette and Numéro but also offers versatility to its wearer. The structure can be converted from day to night without effort or losing style and elegance.

The showroom takeover truly was a memorable event. It was a pleasure to see all of you enjoying the music, sunglasses and drinks – and we can’t wait to plan the next party!