Over 10 years delivering the best branded music experiences. Famed for
exquisite drinks, electrifying atmosphere and first-class artists. Bringing
people together by breaking down barriers in music. With a look that’s
distinctive, own-able and intrinsically linked to BACARDÍ’s heritage.
From the earliest days of the brand, Don Facundo and the BACARDÍ
family were renowned for opening the doors of their own home to throw
the most legendary parties.
A place that is more than just a festival destination, a concept that can
exist anywhere. A facilitator of ‘DO WHAT MOVES YOU’ in any musical

This year BACARDÍ hosted the BACARDÍ Haciënda stage at Lowlands Festival. Joiah Luminosa, Numéro Netherlands music editor and director, had the pleasure to spend some time there and enjoy the fruity-sweet delicious drinks the brand had to offer. Joiah’s favorite drink was by far the frozen strawberry Daquiri “It brought me back to the days in San Andres, a small Colombian island located in the Caribbean sea, where I’d grab a cocktail straight after a long windsurf session with my dad. It’s similar to a caipiroska but better, it’s fresher just like an Italian granita”.

Joiah and Dirkje posing in from of the colourful Hacienda stage.

Friday August 19 was party time, Joiah and her friend Dirkje jumped inside the Haciënda, warmed up at the private event, met many interesting and fun people , and had the chance to connect with Amsterdam’s own Bella Buren. She rocked the whole place with her impeccable house selection and energy and put a smile on everyone’s face during her set at the BACARDÍ Haciënda.

Bella Buren and Joiah after her wonderful DJ set

The following day, after a long day of celebration, Joiah got invited to the BACARDÍ’S Boozy Brunch. The table was delighted with fresh meals both sweet and salty, super healthy and energising :”  From mini brioche hamburgers, fresh fruits with yogurt and granola to freshly baked Shakshouka super healthy and energizing. ‘’We washed everything down with a freshly made batch of BACARDÍ Mojito, what a way to regain your energy, and be ready for another full day of dancing!”.

Joiah sipping a refreshing mojito cocktail during the Bacardi Boozy Brunch
Delicious assortment of plates at the Boozy Brunch