Spring, also referred to as springtime, is one of the four temperate seasons, following winter and preceding summer. And you know what? It's here! The days are getting longer, the weather is warming up, and you're itching to spend more time on terraces, in parks, and, of course, so you need to plan new outfits! To mark the onset of our beloved season, we've unveiled a fresh rendition of our highly anticipated Wish List—the Spring edition. Think pastels, skirts, sunglasses—the essentials for stepping into this new season with flair and elegance. Are you ready?

Yes, leggings are making a comeback as fashion statements once again. For this Spring Edition of our beloved Wish List, we decided to stay on theme and chose these butterfly-patterned leggings in white with playful sheer elements. Leggings are perfect for replacing pants, styling with high heels, and rumor has it that if you’re aiming for a complete ensemble, there’s a matching top available too. Just saying…

As the weather warms up, you can already envision yourself strolling down sunlit streets, perhaps running a tad late for a coffee date on a terrace… Well, same goes for us, and we’ve discovered the perfect ensemble for such occasions. Loewe has just unveiled a skirt crafted in lightweight silk crepon in white, ideal for those sunny-day outings.

And if you’re curious about styling this fantastic skirt, we’ve explored Acne Studios’ tops and discovered this charming and unique piece. The t-shirt features a constructed contrast bra with playful draping details, adding a whimsical touch to the outfit. With its regular fit and cropped length, it’s a bit trompe-l’œil and humorously turns the concept of a visible bra on its head, making the bra the standout feature of the t-shirt.

As mentioned in the first part of our Wish List, there’s a proverb that goes, “Till April’s dead, change not a thread.” Intimissimi has got you covered with its long-sleeve top in soft modal cashmere ultralight featuring a boat neckline. Due to the transparent nature of the ultralight material, we recommend pairing it with an Ultralight Microfiber Top underneath, or for the more daring, letting the see-through magic happen. It’s worth noting that Emily Ratajkowski was spotted wearing it in black in New York on March 4th. Available in 17 colors.

Spring is also the season for wearing semi-open shoes: slippers, mules, pumps… It’s the time to gain a few centimeters and let your toes breathe a bit. For this wish list, we decided to feature one of our favorite brands of the moment: Jil Sander. They have released a pair of shoes in black with a plexiglass heel in a contrasting color that we are absolutely in love with. An essential with a unique touch, perfect for transitioning between winter and summer footwear, to wear without restraint. And if you’re still afraid of getting cold, the model of these fabulous heels also exists in boots. 

Do you remember the trend of those viral gold drop earrings that everyone was wearing? Well, first off, aside from many imitations, the original ones are from Bottega Veneta, just so you know. And secondly, this trend is far from over, as the brand has released a variation of their signature model in resin and sterling, that look like they are made in crystal. We can’t guarantee that these earrings can predict our future, but one thing’s for sure—they will be absolutely stunning to wear.

To wrap up the second part of our Spring Wish List, we spotlight Cosmic by Kylie Jenner, a perfume as enchanting as its exquisitely designed bottle. This fragrance boasts a sweet, warm floral aroma, ideal for any occasion, day or night. An ambery floral eau de parfum, it captivates with its magnetic and addictive scent, evoking a sense of otherworldly charm. The sculptural bottle, resembling a piece of art from another realm, fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Opening with notes of star jasmine and blood orange, Cosmic transports you to a realm of celestial beauty.

Keep an eye out for Part 3, coming soon!