The end of this summer is all about art, design and fashion with the second edition of the NockNock Art Fair that takes place in collaboration with Numéro Netherlands.

You won’t find connoisseurs there, nor snobby art bobos and traders who try to push their collection to new financial heights with smooth talk. But only art and artists. And a lot of young enthusiasts. The NockNock Art Fair, which will be held in the Amsterdam Hallen at the end of this summer, is intended to initiate a conversation between makers and art lovers, emphasize organizers Anne Rose Cornelisse and Ciel ter Velde. To enhance this experience, film recordings at stands allow access to the workspace of the artists present to learn more about their motivation and to explain their work. Not only the exhibition’s conceptual build up is new, also the offer is quite different from what you might expect; NockNock Art Fair is not limited to one art form, in addition to paintings, the event also offers illustrations, graphic design, photography, video, interactive art, sculptures, performance art and NFTs. At this second edition of the NockNock Art Fair, 60 artists from are presented from the Netherlands and abroad, including Ward Strootman, Mo Cornelisse, Corine van Voorbergen, Santiago Pani, Daan Noppen, Bibi Smit, Lois Schindler, Lara Aninia, Petra Flach, Grace Spiegel and Maryse Ceha.

From now on, fashion and design also play an important role at the fair. Just like with art, you can communicate who you are through fashion and design, say Cornelisse and Ter Velde. Artists, designers and entrepreneurs from the fashion world have increasingly collaborated in recent years, so it is logical that the disciplines are presented together at an event such as NockNock Art Fair, they say. A gigantic catwalk will be set up in the Amsterdam Hallen between the stands and several shows will be held in which art and fashion designs come together. In addition, the NockNock Art Fair will include a VIP Lounge that will serve as working and networking space for entrepreneurs, artists and people from fashion during the event.  The organizers expect nearly 10,000 visitors; on August 25, NockNock Art Fair will open with a dazzling Opening Night with multiple performances. 

Program and opening hours

August 25-28, 2022

De Hallen Studios, Hannie Dankbaarpassage 18, 1053 RT Amsterdam

Thursday 25 August. Opening Night 18:00 – 22:00

Friday 26 August 12:00 – 21:00

Saturday 27 August 12:00 – 21:00

Sunday 28 August 12:00 – 18:00

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