While summer occurs in the middle of the year, for many people it also marks the end of an academic year and the celebration of graduation. Last Friday, the Amsterdam Fashion Academy presented the graduate collections of 2024 at the gorgeous H’ART Museum (Hermitage Amsterdam) in Amsterdam. But this year it included a little surprise.
Numéro Netherlands has always been committed to supporting young and emerging talent. Therefore, why not start to provide support and recognition at the source? This year marked the first edition of the Numéro Netherlands Awards, praising one graduate for their outstanding talent.

The program of the end-of-the-year show included a runway of the first year’s designs, giving us a glimpse of the beginning of their journey. Displayed across the garden courtyard,  we were able to discover the innovative projects of the fashion business graduates, before going upstairs to sit down for the runway show of the fashion design graduates of 2024. 
We had the honor of being presented with the final collections of 19 graduates, each one of them showing us their inspiration, individuality, creativity and craftsmanship. 
The designers and collections couldn’t have been more diverse, from haute couture to costume design, street style, and activewear; everything was covered. 

At the end of the runway shows, the winner of the Numéro Netherlands Best New Talent Awards for the Amsterdam Fashion Academy Graduate Show of 2024 was announced and awarded to Justine de Riedmatten (@justine2r). With her collection entitled  “Homofungatic,” Justine used ‘fungi’ as her core metaphorical theme to explore the human condition in multiple ways – conflict and aspiration, decay and rebirth – overall a celebration of the cyclical beauty of life.

Two other outstanding graduates were also highlighted during the award ceremony for their amazing work: Joella Veräjänkorva and Maria Caniné.Joella designed a collection called “Movement of Life” all garments being as elegant as can be. Using transparent fabrics with soothing colors and wide but elegant silhouettes. She presented the collection with a life violist, matching the elegance and feminine power of her designs.

“In this class, everybody hypes each other up. We couldn’t do this without amazing support, it is like a group effort.”

Joella Veräjänkorva on her experience preparing for the graduate show with her class.

Maria Caniné’s collection with the amusing name “Maria Not So Virgin” reflected on her Portuguese heritage with her designs. Criticising the restrictions of the female body by the strong catholic influence in the country, while embracing traditional culture. Creating a collection that marries nudity with modesty.

“In five years, I see myself still sewing and knitting for myself, but also obviously I would like it to be part of my job, so I hope that when I start working, I still have passion for what I do and that passion doesn’t go away.”

Maria Caniné on her future goals.

The first edition of Numéro Netherlands Fashion Awards was initialized by a year ago by Cristiano Carciani, Director of the Academy and Petra van der Molen the Director of Marketing & Talent Acquisition together with Floris Müller the owner of Numéro Netherlands. In the spirit of Numéro Netherlands, to support young talent, this couldn’t have been a better match. And we would like to congratulate all Graduates of 2024.