List curated by Marie-Pauline Cesari 

We are approaching the festive season, and if you're still undecided about what to wish for, we've got you covered. Numéro Netherlands presents the Numéro Netherlands' wish list, Winter Edition. Curated with the trendiest items that fashion enthusiasts are currently obsessed with, this list highlights the coolest presents for the season. From bags and accessories to decorations, explore our curated list below and get ready to find the perfect fit for your celebrations.

#1 The Heart Bag from Les Fleurs x Rachelle Cunningham collection

Les Fleurs Studio, founded by Maria Bernad, is born from her passion for vintage and fashion. The collections are designed by reusing materials and creating new designs with zero waste. Maria excels in upcycling, placing a significant emphasis on embroidery. The Crochet Queen collaborated with Rachelle Cunningham, an artist and illustrator based in Paris, known for creating a one-of-a-kind romantic and poetic universe, inspired by The Renaissance. Together, they crafted a limited edition of three hand-painted bags inspired by nymphs and the beauty of Mother Nature. We personally adore the Beige version, where you can admire ‘Two Nymphs in Pearls & Roses,’ celebrating the divine power of women.


#2 The Manette Bag, by Alphonse Maitrepierre

Alphonse Maitrepierre is THE designer to absolutely follow. Without dwelling on his undeniable kindness and care, Alphonse undoubtedly marks the new generation of designers for tomorrow. He has cut his teeth in some of the biggest fashion houses, from Jean Paul Gaultier to Acne Studios, and today, these renowned houses have everything to envy him: young, creative, brilliant – he doesn’t just design, he sculpts. The Manette bag is already one of the label’s iconic pieces. Inspired by his teenage years spent playing PlayStation, Alphonse Maitrepierre crafted this bag in the shape of a controller. Still undecided between a one-handed bag and a PlayStation for your last-minute Santa letter? We’ve discovered the perfect combination.

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#3 Some rings from La Manso x Tétier collection

Colorful, with gems, a dash of sparkle, sustainable and affordable, the plastic jewelry mania has conquered the most discerning fashionistas… And so do we! A couple of years ago, Adriana Manso, Founder of La Manso, met Florence Tétier in Marseille, over a glass of Pastis. Florence Tétier is an accomplished artist: co-founder and creative director of November magazine, creative director of Jean Paul Gaultier. She began her jewelry band named Tétier Bijoux 5 years ago. The Queens of Plastic joined forces and introduced this exclusive and wonderful collection, composed of 26 pieces, including square rings, flower rings, earrings, hair pins and iPhone cases.


#4 A pair of Meadow mittens by Samsøe Samsøe

Who said mittens couldn’t be fashionable? Winter essentials, these leather mittens will keep your hands warm. We love their exterior fur details, and the combination of black and white allows you to pair them with all your outfits. Reflecting perfectly the Scandinavian heritage, Samsøe Samsøe embodies the Nordic Lifestyle. These mittens are a perfect illustration because, after all, how do you survive the icy cold when you’re hopping on your bike?

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#5 The Love Boots in Violet Velvet by Yume Yume

Indeed, these boots are made for walking! Renowned for their iconic 3D heart heel, Yume Yume has unveiled this extraordinary pair of Violet Velvet boots. With a round shape and wide leg fit, the boots are crafted with a super-soft velvet fabric, imparting a luxurious touch to the shoes. We’d recommend not placing them under the Christmas tree; Santa might be tempted to take a stroll in these stylish boots!

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#6 The EKD Wool Cushion by Burberry

Have you ever dreamed of decorating your sofa with a Burberry cushion? We have. It is for this reason that we couldn’t conclude this last Christmas list without giving a special mention the London-based House. If you’re lacking inspiration for your year-end shopping, we strongly recommend turning to home decor to ensure you delight your loved ones (or yourself, of course!). Burberry offers a wide selection of items for your home, from hot water bottles to throws, including cushions. Our favorite? This pillow featuring the Jacquard-woven Equestrian Knight Design Blanket (sold without the cute little ducks, sorry…)

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