List curated by Marie-Pauline Cesari & Claudia Aisa

We are approaching the festive season, and if you're still undecided about what to wish for, we've got you covered. Numéro Netherlands presents the Numéro Netherlands' wish list, Winter Edition. Curated with the trendiest items that fashion enthusiasts are currently obsessed with, this list highlights the coolest presents for the season. From bags and accessories to decorations, explore our curated list below and get ready to find the perfect fit for your celebrations.

#1 The Scholl X ISSIMO Clog

ISSIMO and Scholl have once again come together to unveil an exclusive limited edition winter style, capturing the essence of the festive season. These clogs are destined to be the highlight beneath your Christmas tree, presented in a breathtaking box inspired by the iconic black and off-white stripes of La Posta Vecchia Hotel—a magical hidden gem on the Coast of Palo Laziale, epitomizing La Dolce Vita in a contemporary fashion. One might almost dream that these shoes are enchanted boots, transporting us directly to Italy in seven-league strides.

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#2 The Hobo Bag with Swarovski Crystals by Bimba y Lola

Because it’s not only your Christmas decorations that can sparkle, Swarovski has teamed up with the brand Bimba y Lola to illuminate the Hobo Pocket Bag. As part of their Christmas campaign, and to our great delight, the brand has chosen the beautiful Caroline Polachek as its ambassador. If you’re already belting out ‘Bunny is a Rider’ in the shower and in need (or desire) of a stylish handbag this holiday season, this bag is made for you.

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#3 The ear cuff by Panconesi

Panconesi is THE jewelry brand to follow, and you’ve probably already seen it worn by your favorite artists (see the stunning FKA twigs bellow). Panconesi was born out of the desire to create a new language for jewelry at the intersection of art and fashion. These are not just jewels but true works of art, ranging from massive and imposing pieces like the iconic ‘Blow Up Single Cuff Silver’ to delicate and fine ones like the ‘Constellation Hoops Silver’ earrings. Impossible to choose, we want them all!

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#4 A scented Candle by Byredo

Scented candles are a Christmas essential, but it’s always good to remind Santa not to forget to slip yours under the tree. We’ve selected the iconic candle from Byredo for this list. Byredo’s collection of luxury scented candles brings the brand’s distinctive fragrances into your home, creating a unique olfactory experience. We love their elegant smoked black glass. What about burning rose?

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#5 The watch-choker by Ines Pineau

Ines Pineau, a French jewelry maestro, is no stranger to the art of upcycling. Her creations are born from a blend of recycled materials meticulously assembled in her Parisian atelier, where she artfully combines metals and resin to craft stunning jewelry. She has even mastered the art of making Parisian metro tickets cool by transforming them into chic earrings. Our personal favorite? The jaw-dropping choker-watch adorned with lustrous mother-of-pearl beads. A must-have for any self-respecting fashionista because, you know, we’re never just on time; we’re always fashionably late…

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#6 The limited-edition vinyl record by Ann Demeulemeester 

Are you on the hunt for a one-of-a-kind item that seamlessly blends your love for fashion and music? Ann Demeulemeester’s latest release might just be what you’re looking for. Introducing a limited edition vinyl record showcasing “The Eclipse of You” by Auggië, the soundtrack to Stefano Gallici’s first-ever show. Limited to just 100 copies, this exclusive record comes with a unique poster inspired by the collection. Snag yours at select retailers or on the official Ann Demeulemeester website before they’re gone.

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