Fashion Design Festival Arnhem collaborates with Numéro magazine for a dedicated talk about the PURPOSE of and in the fashion industry. In a joint collaboration with designer Diederik Verbakelfrom*Died*, editor in chief Timotej Letonja deepens the understanding of Ratio, Emotions and Aesthetics in design. Together the duo assesses the importance of re-using materials, sustainable methods, technological developments, travelling and rethinking the fashion system. 

The Aalten based designer Diederik Verbakel talks with Numéro's Timotej abouthow he puts technology at its best use, in order tochange the industry in a positive way. Diederik explains how a multidisciplinary approach allows designers to make their work more aesthetically coherent, making a story more complete and compelling.Together they also discuss the emotional impact of the global pandemic, to explore whether this pandemic resulted in a re-shift in creative processes. 

This year Fashion + Design Festival Arnhem (FDFA) exploresour growing need for a purpose. Together with product and fashion designers FDFA is looking for the purpose of fashion and designin our society. How can the fashion system reinvent itself? How can we re-purpose the system? From June 3rduntil July 3rdFDFA will be visible, both online and offline, as a hybrid festival from the city of Arnhem.The complete program, with more than 50 participating designers, can be found at

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