Does a year-round tan sound good to you?

Treat your skin with a golden glow with the self-tanning gel Sunright Insta Glow every season of the year.

You know that reckless tanning will show early signs of aging, but you still want a natural and glowing tan? Thanks to Sunright Insta Glow, the tan of your dreams is now within reach. The unique formula gives you a quick sun kissed glow without excessive exposure to the sunlight. Not only is it guaranteed to be smudge-free, Sunright Insta Glow promises numerous hydrating benefits, leaving your skin soft and even. The self-tanner addresses two popular beauty trends. It can be used for contouring: apply to face and body the same way you would do with contouring make-up. Lovers of natural make-up looks could even set aside their make-up and apply this self-tanner!


  • Self-tanner for face and body,
  • Instant Effect: 15 minutes* after application,
  • A light, user-friendly gel,
  • Results without lines or smudges,
  • The tan lasts for days,
  • Almost scent-free thanks to the special formula,
  • Skin absorbs easily,
  • Pearl-like hydrating gel that doesn’t run out.

Clinical evaluation with regards to the efficiency of Sunright Insta Glow with 25 women who have applied the product to face and arms. They were asked to fill in a survey 15 minutes after application of the product in a normal setting. Most important ingredients: A caramel-like trait and other subtly-colored ingredients that ensure a natural glow 15 minutes after application.


  1. Scrub, cleanse and pat skin dry before using Sunright Insta Glow,
  2. Check if your skin is intact and healthy,
  3. Apply a thin layer of the product with circular motions to the skin. Avoid contact with eyes, eyebrows, hairline and lips,
  4. Remove the product from kneecaps, ankles and elbows,
  5. Thoroughly wash your hands after application,
  6. Allow the product to dry a few minutes before getting dressed. 

Price: Sunright Insta Glow Tinted Self-Tanning Gel – €36,91