Pasquale Bruni’s most iconic collection has been expanded with the addition of exquisite new piecesin which the leaf and flower symbols embody the brand identity.

Sinuous leaves create sensual floral patterns and treasured secrets that come alive on the body of the woman wearing them. Every element of nature, with all its strength, asserts itself in a collection designed to be experienced and presented as the garden of the contemporary woman, a goddess and muse.

A new addition to the collection is the ear cuff, a sweet embrace that wraps around the ear with a rose gold moon, a flower and a petal embellished with white and champagne diamonds silhouetted by sinuous lines, as well as a ring designed to be worn on the little finger and a contrarié earring.

To symbolise light in all its expressions, Pasquale Bruni introduces black diamonds set in rose gold in the collection, juxtaposing them with pure white diamonds shining through white gold. The Yin and Yang of black and white diamonds in an expression of infinite light manifested in every miracle of existence.