“I created a collection of party proof essentials, with all of my best friends in mind. Because I want them, and you, to feel sexy, dress your best and hit the dance floor without thinking twice.” – Creative Director Sara Sode

It is created for all the strong, empowered women who dare to dance on their own, live it up and shine bright. The collection consists of 11 vibrant looks that are in line with the Notes du Nord DNA: impactful designs that pair sexiness with comfort, elegance with playful charm, and sophistication with an appetite for seduction. 

Futurism and space romanticism meets 70’s disco vibes in these prêt-à-party styles created with lots of gemstone details, mesmerizing metallics and sparkly embellishments. The collection celebrates the inner goddess in us all. The lady who gives zero f**ks, who dances like nobody is watching and who loves to dress up for any occasion.

The collection will be available exclusively at Ilum Copenhagen and worldwide via www.notesdunord.com