« Words are lacking when it comes to me to explain explicitly my collection. The strongest way to connect with my work is not to use words but to breath, as the most essential thing in our life; the most personal and intimate. [Inhale, exhale], one. For me it’s the better way to dive into myself, to the heart of my emotions and then to give shape to my inner world. [Inhale, exhale], two. To express through garments this unspeakable feeling of hindrance that has stifled me throughout my development as a queer person. This feeling of restraint, of constraint; not being able to be truly myself. Each silhouette of [UNTITLED] collection evokes without being literal a stage of my personal journey, a metaphor for my intimate and progressive quest for freedom. [Inhale, exhale], three. »

According to Norman Mabire-Larguier, the creative development is a long and painful research which consists of giving shape to their inner world without concessions. As a designer, body is their raw material and garments their medium. As this innermost process evolved, they felt the need to free more the body they were working on and its movements: heavy wools which where a shield to the body are getting thinner; lightweight silk organzas takes more place and transparency let the body be more visible. Coats as armours that constrained the body are getting more fluid and continue their transformations, to the point where they become pants. They fell off as a moult and reveal a chrysalis, a second skin to protect the blooming of an inner world.

Creating unique Couture pieces, NORMANMABIRELARGUIER have partnered for this collection with renowned French and European companies for their unique savoir-faire: Les Ateliers Grandis (high- end garments manufacturer, FR); Chanel’s Métiers d’Art Les Ateliers Lognon (hand-made pleats, FR); Confection du Coglais (high-end swimwear manufacturer, FR); Emmetex (labels manufacturer, IT).

Commited to sustainable pratices, 95% of fabrics used for this collection are made from natural fibers and are carefully sourced from high-quality leftovers from the industry, thanks to the brand’s partners The Fabric Sales (BE) and Atelier des Matières (FR). Accessories are made from upcycled materials (upcycled metal for the jewels and upcycled wood for the shoes). Moreover, NORMANMABIRELARGUIER refuse to use leather or fur for both ethical and environmental reasons.


Norman Mabire-Larguier is a French fashion designer based in Paris. After started their studies at La Cambre Mode[s] in Brussels, they pursued a Master degree in Fashion Design at HEAD— Geneva. With an already confirmed experience in several fashion houses, they developed a wide expertise in fashion design (menswear and womenswear, accessories, footwear, image direction and sustainability). They are now building their eponymous contemporary Couture brand. Their architectural and monochromatic style, sensitive and radical, is the result of an in-depth formal research and an intimate quest for an inner freedom.