Monochromatic, sensible and radical are the key words of NORMANMABIRELARGUIER’s latest collection, presented during the 38th Hyères Festival, where it received a great interest. The Paris-based designer sees their eponymous label as a new contemporary Couture house. Their architectural style is the result of an in-depth formal research and an intimate quest for an inner freedom.

“Words are lacking when it comes to explain explicitly my collection. Breathing, as the most intimate and essential element of our life, is the strongest way to dive into myself, to the heart of my emotions and then to give shape to my inner world. To express through garment and its architecture this unspeakable feeling of hindrance that has stifled me throughout my development as a queer person. Each silhouette of [UNTITLED] collection evokes without being literal a stage of my personal journey, a metaphor for my intimate and progressive quest for freedom.”

Sylvette Lepers, head of partnerships at La Redoute, was immediately amazed by NORMANMABIRELARGUIER’s work when she first met them in 2022. “The simple yet rigorous vocabulary, the radicality, the pure architecture of his collection very clearly distinguished Norman’s work; I was impressed by their self-discipline and confidence. Norman embodied their collection perfectly.”

As a result of this special encounter, NORMANMABIRELARGUIER will unveil its capsule collection made in collaboration with La Redoute on 15 November 2023. This monochromatic capsule is made of three pieces: a top with an open-back in cotton Milano jersey; an exquisitely chic long dress with high collar, side cut-outs and back slit; and a ‘tailleur’ pants with sharp design, made in black wool.

“I approached my collaboration with La Redoute as a new collection in its own right. As my personal work is very Couture I didn’t wanted to simplify existing pieces from my previous collections. Instead I decided to thinking up new pieces starting from the essence of my work to bring it to a more reachable perspective.” The rigour of the cut is contrasted by a certain sensuality translated by raw-edges, side slits or open-back that partially reveal the body.

“This capsule collection is a great opportunity to introduce my work to a wider audience. I worked very closely with La Redoute, involving myself in all aspects of the capsule: design of the pieces, fittings, image direction and communication. I wanted to bring to life a precise and sophisticated vision, while being realistic about the various constraints related to ready-to-wear and to the clientele for whom the collection is meant for.”