15 Minutes of Fame

“In the future, everyone will be worldfamous for 15 minutes”

Nodaleto reclaims its digital presence with a new visual chapter: an ode to Andy Warhol.

The visionary’s celebrated quote is at the centrepiece of the FW22 collection. A reference to disposable celebrity culture but also an honest remark on Nodaleto’s own signature heel.

Driven by the nostalgia of the early pop art movement, the brand meets today’s online needs with a series of glossy polaroids and sassy moving images.

Anonymous legs, sensual curves and faces that are left out of the frame. Nodaleto’s aesthetic energy is a clash of vintage and contemporary. With references to the masters of photographic composition and femaleled performance art, the new visual approach strives to play the role of an art gallery.

The brand’s well known mischievous woman is caught on camera acting playfully aka “Nodaleting” — on a bike, getting a tattoo, playing guitar, stepping on a tube of red paint.

The FW22 collection is immortalised by an intense flash of warm and cold hues, candid Polaroids reveal shiny leathers and rich silks, Warhol style.