On its first anniversary and to celebrate the arrival of Spring, Nodaleto teams up with jewellery and objects designer Anissa Kermiche for an exclusive design. The classic Bulla Corta boots becomes a ceramic vase, designed in four colours specific to the Nodaleto universe.

Julia Toledano, Nodaleto designer and co-founder says : “We recreated the Corta boots which was the first shoe I designed. Interior design being one of my main sources of inspiration and proposing an object seemed perfectly natural and obvious. It is also an opportunity for us to construct something other than a fashion piece. This is the first step for Nodaleto towards other future projects.”

Olivier Leone, artistic director and co-founder added: “Julia and Anissa have a common desire to talk to real women through their designs: Anissa through her vases, subjugating the beauty of forms and Julia in designs in which women feel both feminine, sensual and free. Passionate about flowers, the opportunity was perfect to bring a collaboration with the support of Debeaulieu for the arrival of Spring.”

Anissa Kermiche says: “During a friendly conversation two years ago, Olivier introduced me to the Nodaleto project. I was immediately struck by Julia’s designs, and their architectural aspect. The first idea was to integrate a jewellery piece into the shoe, but it developed naturally into a ceramic project, just as my vases were gaining momentum. The vase is inspired by their signature boots, heels and deep-seated shape. It is available in four colours that echo the Fall-Winter 2019-2020 collection of the brand.”

The vases will be available on Nodaleto.com at 220 euros from April 3rd.