Summer has officially started in The Netherlands. Days are comprised of sun, warm weather, longer days, late afternoon picnics, and groovy weekends. No Art is undoubtedly one of the projects in ensuring that people are coming together this awaited season. A concept born not conforming to any particular style of music- unafraid to show their natural character. What is art in the end? Everything that connects it to the ability to be imaginative and creative, including all sorts of people who are connected in one way or another to it. Born in 2017, the project started as a music label led by the successful DJ/producer duo ANOTR, focusing on minimal, deep tech, house, and disco. By 2018 the team started organizing events in Amsterdam and now worldwide. Far beyond just music, No Art continuously surprises the audience with creative projects branched in all artistry fields: fashion, installations, opera, and more. 

We enjoyed checking out their last LOFT Weekender party a few weeks ago—lineup: ANOTR, TOMAN BENJAMIN BERG, KAI KING, JASPER JAMES, ANTAL KLEÓ, MAKÉZ. The energy was extremely positive, and so was the music, and that made you forget how warm and sweaty the whole situation was. While the light was slowly shifting in the room, the breathtaking imagery from the windows was very poetic. With such an enthusiastic crowd and passionate and attentive team, we ended the evening with the sweet and catchy song by ANOTR and Abel Balder, “Relax My Eyes,” which everyone was singing along to. We are incredibly excited to check out their up-and-coming festival this weekend at Flevo Park with PEGGY GOU, DENIRO, MOODYMANN, NEDDA SOU, and ANOTR. 

Some pictures from the LOFT WEEKENDER