The Amsterdam music phenomenon No Art is expanding with its first unifit ready to wear collection. Last week the collection was launched with a runway to kick off their festival. This was produced by design studio Hollyweird incorporated. 

No Art teams up with designer, Poyan Rahimdadeh, founder of PAL Sporting Goods to bring the collection to life. The collection is aesthetically designed from the core of No Art. From the butterflies in your stomach to go to the festival to the euphoria of the sound. The butterfly is an important part of the collection. This stands for transformation, just as No Art wants to achieve with their visitors.

Luxurious materials and details  

The first clothing collection consists of items such as a bomber jacket, hoodie, T-shirt and a suit available in two colors that mixes several luxurious materials with technical fabrics that can be perfectly combined with each other. The butterfly graphic is made with the thought of evolution in humanity and art, but also the multiple eyes stand for acceptance of humanity.

The items from the collection

The fit of the suit is oversized and has extra constructed panels below the neckline with slightly longer sleeves for an ultimate relaxed look. The pants are straight lined with the all-over butterfly graphic and mainline logo. The T-shirt in the collection has an oversized fit with the No Art graphics embodying the overarching Broaden Your Mind theme. When we dance we are all the same and it is art at its best. In addition, there is also the possibility to customize the T-shirt to cut it from the middle using the ‘scissors’ image. The hoody is meant to make sure when you step through the door of a No Art event that you have no expectations and leave the party with a new look and experience. The Piece de resistance: the Butterfly bomber. This item is designed to symbolize the butterfly’s cocoon. The bomber can be combined with any other item of clothing from the collection or just to make a statement. 

The collection is for sale via the website from Monday August 8 at 3 pm and is available in limited quantities.