The Amsterdam organization No Art is organizing the first Dutch festival in the 1.5 meter society in collaboration with A'DAM Toren and Sir Adam on Saturday 20 June. During the 24-hour festival, 120 visitors will be surprised with various activities, in multiple locations in the A'DAM Tower and in the hotel rooms of Sir Adam. The guidelines of the RIVM are taken into account at all times and throughout the entire event. Part of the proceeds will be donated to Het Rode Kruis Amsterdam-Amstelland. The pre-registration starts on Wednesday 27 May from 5 p.m. via the Facebook event.

Dinner show & Live streams:

The evening starts with a three-hour dinner show where the visitors are divided between The Loft and A'DAM & Co. The dinner show consists of a combination of live art, live music and DJ sets. After dinner it is possible to move to another room for another two hours. The 120 visitors will be divided into four groups of 30 and will be allowed to shift to this space. Visitors are then taken to their rooms where they spend the rest of the festival with a maximum of four people per hotel room.

Each hotel room is equipped with a professional sound system and smart TV with the live stream which is broadcast from The Loft. In order to keep in touch with the other visitors, the rooms are interconnected via Zoom. Drinks can be ordered from the moving bar that passes the hotel rooms. It is strictly forbidden to leave your room during the event and this will be strictly checked by security.


Given the expected popularity and limited capacity, the organization operates a lottery system. Interested parties can register online from Wednesday 27 May at 5 p.m. via the Facebook event with up to four people at the same time. After a random draw, it will be announced on 3 June which people have obtained a ticket.

About No Art:

No Art is a collective that aims to provide guests with a special experience by combining house music and art with unique locations. No Art previously organized events in the Waalse Kerk, West-Indisch Huis, The Loft and with prominent names from the house scene.


Date: June 20, 2020

Time: 3 pm – 3 pm

Location: A’DAM Toren

Line-up: TBA.

Registration via: