Meta·mor·pho·sis: a morphological mutation, a time of dramatic change in form and appearance, affecting the core of one’s being. After the completed metamorphosis the transformation becomes visible. From larva to cocoon, the organism finally enters its final stage. A time of sexual maturity.

Shapes and proportions carry both robust stillness and fluid movement, like a metamorphosing lobster. Adapting to its surroundings, our muse represents an infinite of possibilities. Motor references are visible in office wear, a shirt transforms into a high cut bodysuit. Draped looks are liquified into momentous designs.

Traditional shirting and tailoring comes with an exoskeleton of boning, creating dominant silhouettes and strong shoulders. A layered suit and a sleeveless puffer coat reference a protective shell still in the process of growth. Capturing a freedom of spirit, stereotypical staples are reinterpreted with a luxurious punk attitude. A matching shirt and tie combo paired with a hybrid of a pleated skirt and tailored trousers.

A disfigurement of the artisanal tradition. Pinstripe blues and blacks, herringbone browns and green and grey checks come in pure virgin wool and luxurious silks. Reinterpretations of the label’s key pieces, the garments are a natural extension of their archival counterparts. Ninamounah does not aim to reinvent itself drastically every new season, but chooses to slowly grow with time, opting to perfect and reinterpret its own core pieces. Pieces are constructed from deadstock fabrics otherwise destined for destruction or landfill. Our leather is reconstructed from discarded leather designer couches, meaning the skin has had a previous life. A hybrid of past and future.


Taking Metamorphosis to its extreme, drastic proportions take solid shape in the FW20 campaign. Looks fit both men and women, and are moulded and reworked into elongated silhouettes. Tailoring should be like a second skin, growing and maturing together with the body over time, possibly taking on surreal shapes. Suiting is stretched to fit a model larger than life.

The cast mostly consisting of family members of the team is captured in a village in the Netherlands, placing emphasis on the intimate and local bonds that are becoming increasingly important as we slow down our pace and look to put the familiar in new contexts.

Photography WOODY BOS

PUCK (Elvis Models) CHAIMA (Vein Agency) SIDHARTHA (Vein Agency) VALENTINE

FW20 will be available at selected retailers: LN-CC (Online), Elevastor (Paris), Nolm (Sydney), Shyness (London), Raesthete (Shanghai), Worksout (Seoul), The Elephant (Tokyo), Megusta (Utrecht) and Margreeth Olsthoorn (Rotterdam).