Ninamounah launches The Gatherers, the Spring/Summer 2023 collection of the Amsterdam-based brand, presented at Paris Fashion Week. Through the vision of creative director Ninamounah Langestraat, the new proposal of the fashion house receives inspiration from the most instinctive floral senses that fuel the firms unique personality.

Found throughout the collection in her most reflective collection yet, Ninamounah features references to the flora and fauna world incorporating roots-shaped tailoring and flesh-eating Venus fly cuts combined with a bright coloured lining. Circle boned leaf structured silhouettes, in collaboration with Tim Christiani, guide the viewer’s eyes toward the flowing garment, inspired by the Amazon water lotus aiming to celebrate a sense of reflectiveness and rebirth.
Defined by plants farming humans and animals, giving oxygen until they eventually expire and turn into mulch which will slowly get consumed. While plants are living and thriving of our death, they can recite stories about our lives.
Following the floral sensuality defined by the designer, the Venus flytrap snaps up insects in jawlike leaves while pitcher-shaped plants with slippery coatings are death traps for animals that slide inside. Being surprisingly skilled and stealthy hunters, water-dwelling plants use suction to slurp up their prey, reflecting in the silhouettes of the collection fabricating voluptuous impressions resulting in an appealing visual narrative. Defined by the flesh of each wearer, the garments adapt to the human body.

Unfolding leaves in a flower, a symbol of reflectiveness is a key element of the collection. Landing back in the bright coloured lining and poisonous cuts around the body, creating various shapes. Flowers have modified their shapes, colours and scents to attract certain pollinators.
The collection’s audiovisual piece is made by performance artist Astrit Ismaili. ‘Bee My Long Distance Friend’ is the first single released from Astrit Ismaili’s upcoming project produced by The Performance Agency. It tells the story of the flower as the world’s first pop icon. The song specifically addresses how climate change affects the sexual relations between flowers and bees.

Creative director: Ninamounah Langestraat 
Brand director: Paiman Azizi
Production Manager & Design: Tim Christiani 
Art direction: Ferdi Sibbel
Director of Photography: Boris De Ruijter 
Focus Puller: Judith Baten
Gaffer: Frank Van Hekken
Best Boy: Sep Van Hekken
Edit: Boaz Van Der Spek
Music ‘Bee My Long Distance Boyfriend’ by Astrit Ismaili © Europa
Production: Lotte Knippers
Production Assistant: Lotte de Jager
Makeup & hair: Jan Fuite
Manicure: Samuel Does
Supported by: La Fédération De La Haute Couture Et De La Mode
Studio Ninamounah: Abigail Burleson, Alexander Krobath, Anneroos Slendebroek, Benjamin 
Samsodien, Dorota Kolářová, Felicita Gāga, Gaia Poppi, Gülben Abduraman, Isabel Brems, 
Jasper Manninen, Julia Crommentuijn, Louise Tunning, Nadia Mateus de Oliveira, Nelson Chio, 
Noah Masengi, Quinty Uiterwaal, Rashaan Rudder, Sammy Stirler, Siddharta van der sluis, Yade 
Hollander and Zainab bukhari
Press: Karla Otto
Sales: Cobalt Agency
Astrit Ismaili 
Horse @Horse creative


Ninamounah is an Amsterdam-based label headed by creative director and designer Ninamounah Langestraat and brand director Paiman Azizi using biological methods to dissect the deep-er layers of the cultural mantle found in fashion design. Emphasizing instinctive and experimental strengths that transcend bodily and mental conventions and constructs. Ninamounah is making the unusual usual—transgressing comfort zones in fashion and exploring humans’ animalistic side. A threesome of leather motor suits, french corsetry and pinstripe tailoring.