Ninamounah launches The Fertile, the Spring Summer 2022 Collection of the Amsterdam based brand, presented today at Paris Fashion Week. True to the vision of creative director Ninamounah Langestraat, the new proposal of the fashion house receives inspiration from the most instinctive natural senses that fuel the firm's unique personality.

Found throughout the collection in her most personal collection yet, Ninamounah features references to the natural world incorporating bodily visuals combined with fluid lines that aim to celebrate a sense of lust and fertility.

Defined by the flesh of each wearer, the garments adapt to the human shape molding V-shaped waistbands on flowy trousers and guiding the viewer's eyes towards the mons veneris using high cut body blouses, signature silhouette of the brand.

Following this very natural sensuality defined by the designer, other pieces drape and wrap fabrics to fabricate voluptuous impressions resulting in a compelling and appealing visual narrative.

Silk garments envelope the waist and strapped tops hold onto the neck and shoulders, featuring swirling slithery lines that take on a feminine spatiality. Tension is created between the flowing garments and the structurality given by leather belts wrapped around hips and limbs. 

A butterfly, a symbol of fertility and transformation is a key element to the collection. It lands in the hair, circles around the hips as a belt, creates a glistening dress and various accessories. The influence of Dutch contemporary artist Kinke Kooi’s work is felt in the undulating folds and organic contiguity of strings of pearls in the butterfly dress, made of genuine butterflies and jade pearls. 

The neutral colours of the collection, applied in leather and satin, are accompanied by a luscious green and a contrasting purple in laces and silky fabrics, as well as goopy prints revealing compositions of sexual indulgences.

The collection’s audiovisual piece is inspired by the Swedish midsummer, in which the phallic maypole is stuck in the ground to fertilise the dirt. The film is shot in a lush grass field, with models walking in a choreography that mimics the seasonal ritual. In the background plays Cherry Bomb by The Runaways. The fruit often refers to a person’s ‘virginity’. The punk-rock tune reinterprets the cherry and claims it as a symbol of lust and rock. Ninamounah takes a holistic approach to the social construct that is virginity.