The Amsterdam based brand Ninamounah stages its Paris 

Fashion Week début with a runway show on the official calendar. The show interpreted the predatorial hunt as a sexually charged experience as a pack of brand muses wearing low-cut trousers, hairy tailoring and slashed silhouettes circeld around the audience. Melting clashes and contrasts into new shapes that are extremely masculine, savagely feminine and everything in between.

The collection is heavy on animalistic textures; black and silver feathers, fishlike neon yellow sequins and vegan hair are reminiscent of primordial humans wearing the skins of their prey as trophies. In nature, most animals will not allow themselves to be touched by humans. The act of wearing another animal’s skin represents the conquest of another species.

Predators will often attack the most sensitive part of their prey; the groin. In an act of vulnerable defiance Ninamounah introduces hipbone-baring trousers in nappa leather, denim and virgin wool.

Elastics built into the skeleton of coats, dresses and tops creates a gathered effect resembling a hunted animal curling up in distress. Skin-exposing zippers and cut seams reference slashed open skin. Finally, the boning in the corsetry alludes to the earthly remains left behind.

Creative director Betsy Johnson was invited to offer her unique perspective on the brand’s vision of the new season. Like camouflage, the hair look matched the garments colors. A look created by Charlie Le Mindu. Anthony Preel offered a beauty look made out of the delicate edges of a feather.

With a heavy heart on the brutal invasion of Ukraine, the team decided to use the show’s platform to raise funds for refugees in need. The prelude of the show presented a model walking the runway during a minute of silence wearing an exclusive t-shirt condemning the war and Putin. Hundred percent of the proceeds of the t-shirt sales will go to United Help Ukraine.

Art Director: Ferdi Sibbel

Show Creative Director and Co-Art Director: Betsy Johnson

Hair: Charlie Le Mindu

Make Up: Anthony Preel

Manicure: Nails by Magda Stachura

Press: Karla Otto Paris

Managing Production: L’Elue Collectif

Paris Production: Petit Ami Paris

Show Design: Maximilien Pegasus, Robin Coutellier and maxxii.million

Soundtrack: ‘Fall’ by Aux Raux, music edit by Rosed Out

Creative Director: Ninamounah Langestraat

Brand Director: Robin Burggraaf

Studio Manager: Alexander Lehner

Show Creative Director Assistant: Brando Prizzon

Art Direction Assistant: Lotte Knippers


Ninamounah is an Amsterdam-based label headed by creative director and designer Ninamounah Langestraat and brand director Robin Burggraaf, using biological methods to dissect the deeper layers of the cultural mantle found in fashion design. Emphasizing instinctive and experimental strengths that transcend bodily and mental conventions and constructs. Ninamounah is making the unusual usual—transgressing comfort zones in fashion and exploring humans’ animalistic side. 

A threesome of leather motor suits, french corsetry and pinstripe tailoring.