Coral Morphologic and Nick León’s “Projections of a Coral City” marks a series of collisions between distant worlds: the organic and the artificial, the Eocene and the Anthropocene, sea and cement, ambient music and activism. The album is a great project to raise awareness about the climate crisis and its effects on our beloved marine ecosystem.

This special album “Projections of a Coral City” is a suite of interconnected movements spread across two sides of vinyl. The tones match the purpose: watery, the mood elegiac, the colors a washed-out pastel. Forms that appear static on the surface gradually open up to reveal hidden depths teeming with microscopic movement. References to other aquatically minded works might be detectable—Jürgen Müller’s Science of the Sea, Harold Budd’s liquid piano compositions, even the slow-moving melancholy of Dr. Roger Payne’s Songs of the Humpback Whale. But ultimately Projections of a Coral City creates the impression of a world unto itself—a hauntingly beautiful space at the meeting point between sorrow and hope.

Pre-order “Projections of a Coral City” and listen to the first track of the album “Deep Call” HERE.

This collaborative project dates back to 2022 when Coral Morphologic mounted a monumental projection-mapping installation on Biscayne Boulevard. For five nights, the exterior of Knight Concert Hall was illuminated with films of corals. The installation showed a potential future and at the same time glimpse into the past, to a time in which global warming and rising sea levels are no issue. A time in which coral reefs reign the Miami coast. A reminder that Miami is literally built from marine limestone mined from the Everglades. Its concrete foundations began life, eons ago, as a marine ecosystem—the same ecosystem that may one day reclaim them. As above, so below.