Science-based supplements complemented by coaching sessions, lifestyle interventions and therapies. NewMedicine is a new online environment, developed by regular and orthomolecular physician Ninieck van Maasakker, who works in cardio surgery at the AMC, and three-time Olympic medalist Caia van Maasakker, where people with physical and mental complaints are helped directly.

Amsterdam, August 2022. From her personal environment Ninieck van Maasakker noticed that people struggling with burn-out, fatigue, tension or depressive symptoms often encounter long waiting lists in regular care. For those who then seek a way out in alternative therapies, it is often unclear which therapies are well-founded. The WHO calls stress the “health epidemic of the 21st century” (source: WHO).

NewMedicine presents a whole new approach to self-care. The online platform offers a very personal, fast and straightforward assessment. Accompanied by a tailored plan of treatment, or Each month the packs are delivered sustainably through the letterbox, and you receive the unique ultra-violet glass storage jars once. First you’ll receive a welcome kit containing the unique ultra-violet glass storage jars, followed by monthly pouches directly delivered through the mailbox.

Fast paced health: science based supplement packs

NewMedicine’s science-based supplement packs empower physical and mental health. 

NewMedicine’s science-based supplement packages provide body and mind support for increased energy, balance, and clarity.

Perform Pack: Provides energy and promotes recovery. Specially designed for those who demand the utmost of themselves between gym, kids, meetings, and a social life.

Defense Pack: A multi-purpose supplement pack with ingredients designed to improve immunity, support, and nourish the microbiome and significantly decrease flu-like symptoms. Prevention and defense on a cellular level, fill up nutritional gaps and promote your health from the inside out. 

Happy Pack: This blend is packed with all key essential, protect your heart health, increase your mood, and balance your mind.

Destress Pack: Engineered to offer total body support against the effects of stress. Support bodily functions depleted by continually high cortisol levels: immunity, tension, libido, digestion, and focus. 

Sleep Pack: Formulated to improve sleep quality and duration with clinically proven ingredients to combat restlessness and insomnia.

Mama Pack: Designed to support women’s health before, during and after pregnancy. For all packs and prices, you can go to the webshop

Coaching, Therapies and Lifestyle Interventions 

The NewMedicine team consists of experienced doctors, therapists, breathing coaches, personal trainers and mental coaches who provide online consultations with immediate results. Some of the treatment options of NewMedicine are:

– QEC (quantum energy coaching)

– The work of Byron Katie

– Goodfield Therapy