International clothing retailer UNIQLO today announced the new Spring / Summer 2021 collection in collaboration with JW Anderson. This will be launched on April 22nd. The line-up is the latest addition to the ongoing collaboration with the London-based brand that is revolutionizing contemporary fashion.

Handicrafts come to life this season in the collaboration between UNIQLO and JW Anderson. Designed from a vision of hope for new beginnings and bright summer days, this collection continues to evolve LifeWear. Typical of this collection are the distinctive JW Anderson craftsmanship and the unmistakable charm of heirlooms from British culture.

“During the design process, I really thought about spring. Everyone was inside and I was looking forward to being able to go out again. For the collection I really wanted to integrate the feeling of handicraft, as this is extremely important to me. " Jonathan Anderson

The Line-Up

A playful sense of convenience is the common thread in the collection. T-shirts, blouses, hats, tote bags and other items feature wildflower embroidery to match the different materials in the collection. Other remarkable details are the stitching that can be seen in the collection on T-shirts and work shirts for men and also on denim items for women. Dresses and skirts are characterized by bohemian smocking.

The collection, consisting of 13 items for women, 11 items for men and three accessories, contains a lot of cooling linen and seersucker fabric. The color palette consists of khaki, brown and ivory. The range within the men's and women's collection includes many shorts in linen-cotton blend, an ultimate combination for comfort. In addition, the characteristic JW Anderson craftsmanship is reflected in the stitching as well as the simple silhouettes within this relaxed collection.