The hands, with their softness and brightness, de ne a woman’s beauty, her personality and style. Exposed to external agents, hands require care and attention and Acqua di Parma nourishes them with the delicate touch of Le Nobili Hand Cream Collection.

The new must-have for your beauty routine in your favourite fragrance, you can always carry them with you thanks to their practical and ultra-light packaging. The Velvety Hand Cream is enriched with the re ned notes of Rosa Nobile, the Sublime Hand Cream is scented with the sophisticated notes of Magnolia Nobile and the Luxurious Hand Cream bursts with the lively notes of Peonia Nobile.

This is a daily ritual to repeat at your leisure that will allow you to always have skin as smooth as silk with a simple and quick gesture. This emulsion, characterised by a light texture and by three different scents depending on the fragrance, melts effortlessly on the skin and is absorbed in a few seconds, providing an immediate feeling of comfort. Le Nobili’s Hand Creams keep your hands moisturised for a long time, leaving them smooth, bright and pleasantly scented.

Their powerful formula contains active ingredients such as 100% natural Jojoba Oil with emollient properties, 100% natural and moisturising Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E, that helps protecting your hands from environmental stress.

Compact, light and environmentally friendly, the packaging is also very convenient and you can easily keep it in your handbag. In aluminium, an eco- friendly metal, the sophisticated 30ml tube is inspired by the iconic paint tubes of artists. The tube, an essential beauty accessory with a minimalist and modern design, comes in bright Parma yellow with an insert in the signature colour of the fragrance and a golden puncture point cap. The elegant outer packaging, in ne FSC-certi ed paper, is characterised by essential lines, trademark Parma yellow and the colour of the fragrance.