This month, Marie-Stella-Maris introduces her exclusive Giftset Collection. Laundering towards the holidays, this year the Dutch ‘giftable’ brand has put together luxury gift sets in different price ranges, containing both natural body care and home products. Moreover, the brand is adding a new limited-edition fragrance to the collection as well as two completely new products. The festive sets, available in limited editions, range from all-time favourites to complete home experience gifts for a special occasion. Looking for a beautiful gift that makes a positive impact at the same time? With Marie-Stella- Maris, you don’t just give the gift of a delicious sustainable pampering product; with your purchase, you also support a good cause. This is because the brand structurally donates part of its turnover to the realisation of sustainable water projects.

The Ripple Effect

The entire Giftset Collection is offered in limited-edition gift boxes. The dark green and rich blue colour of the gift boxes, along with the addition of gold accents, give the gift sets a festive and luxurious feel. The gold ‘ripple effect’ pattern in the design reflects the effect of giving and receiving a Marie-Stella-Maris gift. This concept is based on the idea that one event has an effect that spreads and has ongoing positive consequences, even when we do not perceive them directly.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

The holiday season is the perfect time to reflect on what we can do for others. With Marie-Stella-Maris, you give a sustainable pampering gift with double-impact. This is because the brand structurally donates to global clean drinking water projects. The availability of clean drinking water projects has a significant impact on the overall health of communities, and children and women can spend more time working and getting an education, among other things. Therefore, with a gift from Marie-Stella- Maris you not only make the receiver happy, with your purchase you also structurally help others in the world. Shortly, gifts that keep on giving!

New limited-edition scent: No.08 Nuit des Figues

The Limited-Edition Giftset Collection is available in two scents, including the well-loved No.12 Objets d’Amsterdam and the new limited edition fragrance No.08 Nuit des Figues. The inspiration comes from the warmth of the festive season, the beauty of an atmospheric Christmas interior and the opulence of fruity desserts, with the fig in the leading role. The fig offers an interesting contrast by combining the green character of the leaves and the fruity heart. The brightness is softened by a white floral accord, while the vibrant rhubarb creates a perfect balance in the sweet notes. The composition is warmed up with a base of amber and a hint of spices, creating a rich and warm feeling. In short, a wonderfully surprising and uplifting fragrance for the festive season!

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