An innovative approach to wellness and health

New Life Portugal introduces an innovative approach to wellness and health in Europe. The health retreat in Portugal offers much more than a traditional holiday. At a time when wellness hotels are becoming more and more numerous, New Life Portugal stands out with a targeted program of therapies and activities, supported by leading experts and based on the principle of mindfulness. The idea of ​​a wellness hotel is taken to a new level here.

New Life Portugal distinguishes itself from other destinations because everything revolves around self-development, self-reflection and profound transformation. Unlike the usual wellness facilities, the retreats provide a safe haven where guests can delve deeper into their physical and emotional well-being, away from the stresses and worries of everyday life.

The various programs not only include delicious healthy meals, relaxing (outdoor) activities, healing therapies, meditation and yoga, but also counseling and activities aimed at personal growth. The New Life Portugal retreats are unique because of the holistic approach that is combined with expert guidance. New Life Portugal believes in the power of Transformative Travel , where guests are equipped with practical tools so they have the opportunity to integrate the growth they experience during their trip into their daily lives upon returning home.

New Life Portugal and its dedicated staff strive to create a supportive and friendly environment that is far from the clinical atmosphere usually associated with traditional clinics because New Life Portugal understands all too well that some people need a (supported) a break from their busy lives without feeling like they are being treated like patients.

Because everyone has unique needs, the programs are grouped into different “paths” such as: Inner Peace and Relaxation, Personal Development & Well-being, Life Change, Bereavement, Stress Reduction, Burnout Recovery, Anxiety Management, Depression Recovery and Addiction Aftercare & Relapse Prevention. Each path is linked to one of three programs, but as a guest you have the freedom to explore a variety of activities, facilities, courses etc. to expand your experience.

The three different core programs of New Life Portugal are: Relax & Discover, Reset & Rejuvenate, and Reconnect & Heal. These are designed to meet different needs and vary in minimum length of stay. In addition, New Life Portugal also organizes (long) weekend retreats of a number of days. These are organized in the form of workshops given by specialists and/or specialists usually flown in externally influentials who specialize in a particular area of ​​work. So is the new one “Fundamentals experience” program of 3 days. The ideal short break to recharge, step out of your daily routine and reconnect with yourself.

In short, at New Life Portugal you get the chance to escape the daily grind, embrace a healthier lifestyle and receive expert guidance, all in a serene environment. This can be a transformative experience leading to long-lasting improvements in well-being.

From November 1, 2023 to January 15, 2024, New Life Portugal is offering a 15% discount on all bookings for the 7+, 14+ and 28+ night programs, as well as for the new short stay program. For more information or bookings go to The short stays can be found directly via this link.