New Life Portugal is proud to announce the expansion of its service offering, which is in line with the goal of offering all guests the most personalized and enriching stay, in a world where individuality and personal preferences are becoming increasingly important. While New Life Portugal initially offered only program-based stays, the sustainable wellness and mindfulness retreat has expanded their offerings while still adhering to its core values.

The core of this expansion is the introduction of the Just be Here package, designed to offer guests a customizable approach to their stay. This distinctive option includes full board accommodation (three meals), unlimited hot and cold drinks and access to all facilities including a swimming pool, sauna, fitness center and more. Guests are encouraged to participate in non-mandatory morning meetings and enjoy a complimentary meditation or mindfulness session daily. The only mandatory requirement is that you comply with New Life Portugal’s house rules to create a harmonious environment for all guests. You can easily expand this experience with one of the (extra) packages or choose à la carte.


A personal retreat experience can be created or a structured program can be chosen. To make guests’ experiences even better, New Life Portugal is introducing the following new packages that can be booked in addition to the Just be Here experience.

Digital Nomad

Relax in the tranquility of the resort with us and switch seamlessly to work mode when necessary in the cozy co-working space. Enjoy the flexibility to recharge your energy while still achieving your professional goals. Min. 3 nights.

Mindful Sports

Enjoy the serenity of the resort and explore the area on e-bikes for two separate days. Participate in a group session of mindful exercise and end the experience with a relaxing break full body massage. Min. 5 nights.

Wellness & Hiking

Immerse yourself in a holistic retreat that combines the “Just Be Here” base stay with energizing outdoor activities. The guide has mapped out various walking routes for a perfect mix of peace, culture and adventure. Min. 5 nights.

Nature Weekend

Enjoy basic accommodation at New Life Portugal plus a guided group excursion to picturesque villages such as Melo, Folgosinho and Linhares de Beira. A perfect mix of exploration, cultural connection and fun in nature. Min. 2 nights.


New Life Portugal is a sustainable wellness and mindfulness retreat with a distinctive mix of meditation, yoga, fitness and nature activities in a serene, natural environment. The international team of experts is available for tailor-made programs and offers coaching and counseling. New Life Portugal focuses on the global challenges of anxiety, depression, stress and burnout and introduces innovative retreats that recognize the impact of often undiagnosed “ghost conditions” by offering targeted programs focused on mindfulness in 2024. New Life’s retreats Life Portugal distinguishes itself from the well-known wellness hotels by offering a holistic escape from the stresses of everyday life in a supportive environment. Positioned between relaxation holidays, luxury wellness hotels and clinics, the center offers a warm atmosphere for guests dealing with mild depression or burnout, but also guests who want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A retreat at New Life Portugal is a journey to break away from the daily chaos and reconnect with yourself. Research shows that metabolism improves in the long term, making retreats more effective than regular holidays. The center’s holistic approach, combining nature, activities and expert guidance, resonates with guests who are looking for personal growth without feeling overwhelmed.