Angled against the futuristic, digital and intriguing exhibitions of Nxt Museum’s, Café Restaurant Metro is an analogous place to unwind with detailed simplicity in appearance and menu. The co-founders were especially looking for a space where everyone would feel at home, a venue that is not immediately recognizable as a restaurant with an accessible price range, but serves the quality of a high-end restaurant. So architect Camillo Fiorito let all this come together in Café restaurant Metro, which consists of both a bakery and a restaurant, into a contemporary whole. At the bar you will find an extensive snack menu throughout the day with seasonal quality products – based on the evening menu – from oysters to homemade shrimp croquettes, and from pizza fritta with burrata and anchovies to fried eggplant with gremolata. The menu is constantly updated according to the seasons. In addition, the wine list also has a clean and quality style: many wines are naturally made.

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