FLOWER BY KENZO reinvents itself in a new fragrance. The vibrant red poppy melds with the intensity of a bright pink and comes in a generous, oversized bouquet. FLOWER BY KENZO POPPY BOUQUET, a new oral Eau de Parfum that celebrates a contagious energy and the power to make the world more beautiful.

A bouquet with a ery heart. A new fragrance composed four-handedly. Twenty years after the creation of FLOWER BY KENZO, Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas dreamed of a new orality in keeping with the iconic fragrance.

He combined his knowhow with the passion of young perfumer Dora Baghriche. Together, they reinterpreted the bold factory signature of FLOWER BY KENZO and imagined FLOWER BY KENZO POPPY BOUQUET.

In tribute to KENZO’s Japanese roots, the fresh and juicy Nashi Pear introduces a truly pop oral explosion, made of voluptuous Bulgarian Rose, luminous Jasmine and sensual Gardenia. At the base, creamy accents of Almond Wood reveal a new intensity. A captivating trail. An extraordinary persistence.

An upright bottle with new freedom of expression. A new color-block poppy in a vibrant chromatic palette of red and pink. The perfect mix and match, a tribute to KENZO Fashion. One of the first couture houses to dare this duo of colors with style.

One, two, three bottles of different sizes gathered side by side, and it is a graceful and generous bouquet, a joyful blossoming, a oral invasion….