Opening: Friday, 8 December: 18 – 21 h | The artist is present. Bildhalle, Willemsparkweg 134, Amsterdam

Bildhalle Amsterdam is thrilled to present the second solo exhibition Remembrance premiering Ilona Langbroek’s latest artworks of her ongoing series Silent Loss. Ilona Langbroek’s first solo exhibition, Terra Incognita, was proudly presented by Bildhalle in the heart of Amsterdam in September 2021. This impactful exhibition received words of praise from around the world and henceforth Langbroek has developed into a photographer with an international platform. Prestigious auction house Phillips included her work in their ULTIMATE selection, Museum Hilversum has showcased her works in a duo exhi- bition titled Traces and in November 2023 the artist makes her French debut at renowned art fair Paris Photo.

In her series Silent Loss, Ilona Langbroek delves into a past permeated with the essence of loss. The story revolves around displacement rooted in the history of her grandparents in the Dutch East Indies. Her images serve as metaphors, sym- bolizing an identity long considered lost but still dormant beneath layers of history. They capture the yearning for a time, a country, and a life abruptly torn away, evoking a profound sense of loss and sorrow that shaped an entire generation. Langbroek strives to create timeless photos that transcend the constraints of time, harnessing the enchanting allure of bygone eras. She brings history to life, making it tangible and recognizable in the present. In her quest, she unveils a story of silent losses, where the burden of absence takes center stage. It is a story of lost homelands and fragmented identities, echoing the experiences of her grandparents when they were forced to leave behind their lives in the Dutch East Indies. Their stories serve as her muse – an identity once deemed lost but still pulsating beneath the surface, vibrant and ready to be rediscovered.

Through her art, Langbroek delicately veils experiences of oppression and war with a “blanket” of splendor and beauty. Perhaps this approach makes remembering a violent past more bearable and fosters conversations that can lead to un- derstanding and healing. Her work does not convey a political ideology but rather invites reflection and connection. Zelda Cheatle, a renowned British curator of photography, hailed Langbroek as the “discovery of 2021”. This recognition attests to the profound impact of her work and the emotions it evokes through her artistic talent.