Colors can represent elements, while elements always bound with colors. 

There are Five Elements in Chinese culture, which are metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.
Five elements correspond to five colors. Inspired by this, we embedded five colors onto
the bodies of two dancers. We created an imaginary space which detached from the
mundane to analyze relationship between ego and the world, in a way that breaks through
the conventions. By jumping, reversing and twisting, we turned communication into an
art carrier. Through that, our art experience was elevated to a strange yet familiar ritual

Rambo Ding

Look 1 Metal
Convergence, mutual generation and mutual restraint.
* Mutual generation: mutual breeding, promoting and encouraging.
* Mutual restraint: mutual restriction, restraint, and overcoming.

Look 2 Wood
Every plant has animism.
We invited green color in, used concept of flowers to express vitality, infinite hope and strength.

Look 3 Water
On behalf of infiltration,
water is the source of life and the foundation of all things.
Inspired by the movie The Shape of Water (2017),
we let the water drop on the half-naked upper body, to show the tenacious power of life.


Look 4 Fire
Fire is a kind of energy,
it also represents disillusionment, symbolizing rising and bright light.
Flame leaping onto the face with unpredictable light and shadow,
it inspired a different kind of red makeup, swayed enthusiasm and released charm.


Look 5 Earth
It represents that everything grows in here, life is endless.
It symbolizes the stability and tolerance of the earth, which has wonderful terrain textures.

photography RAMBO DING @ramboding_
styling JIAMING LIU @iuiaing
make-up & hair SHITOU