Off-WhiteTM is happy to announce the launch of a new exclusive drop of sneakers: the Nike AF1 Mid Grim Reaper c/o Off-WhiteTM.

The main characteristic of this new style is the dominating digital grim reaper-inspired graphic, reminiscent of the motif set to grace the anticipated “Varsity Maize” colorway. Yet, in this version, the emblem takes on a larger, more audacious form, airbrushed repeatedly over a pristine white leather backdrop.

The sneakers are made of prime ICA Leather; the side presents a rubber cupsole with a visible Air Bag and on the forefoot and midfoot there is an exaggerated spike pattern with Gobstopper Color Reveal Concept. Moreover, dashes of vibrant green characterize the sneakers, gracing both the main shoelaces as well as the side tab.

The Nike AF1 Mid Grim Reaper c/o Off-WhiteTM is an Off-WhiteTM exclusive only, now available online, at Off-WhiteTM stores worldwide and on