Life begins a slow and familiar retreat, tucking itself away into a dormant state. As the frost forms and the days grow shorter, the natural world becomes increasingly distant. In winter’s icy wake, melancholy remains, permeating the senses.

Sheltered, we wait.

As the winter wanes, the promise of new life begins to vibrate, and from the depths of the sleepy ground blooms a renewed sense of hope. In a dark bedroom in an old house, resides a woman. Still sheltering from the lingering chill, she slips into a dream. The excitement of the impending spring has started to shift her weary consciences. However, darkness remains, and her distant memories of the natural world take a ghostly form. Like the hopeful promise of the spring, she remains guarded. Cautiously, she explores her surroundings, flowing to dark streams and secret meadows. Her timid expectation pierces the darkness of the winter and illuminates her being with a subtle warmth. 

Featuring @clotang

Photography @clay.howardsmith

DP @zack_forsyth

Styling @zhangylily

Makeup @marcocamppos

Hair @kazukatahira

Video Post @nicolesalmeri

Sound Design @buhbuhbilly @andrew_kiessling_

Casting @onellednacot

Production @buhbuhbilly

Stylist Assistant @caseyxhuang

Location @hamdeninn

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