"Why is there not yet a suitcase brand that combines design and sustainability and is also fashionable?". Introducing NORTVI: a new premium travel brand that makes the most beautiful high-end travel products from eco-friendly materials. The brand proves that sustainable can also be beautiful with their eye-catching suitcase line that can be personalized during every trip. NORTVI is committed to a total renewal of the current old-fashioned suitcase industry where design and sustainability have never gone hand in hand before.


Unique and Groundbreaking:

The NORTVI series is characterized by an exciting and aesthetic design. The products are completely designed by hand and are made as much as possible from sustainable materials; the inside of the suitcase consists of 100% recycled PET bottles and the outside is made of 30% recycled polycarbonate. In addition, NORTVI is a trendsetter in the field of durability. All suitcases in the new line are made of the strongest materials and designed to last for a lifetime.


Innovative and Silent:

The NORTVI suitcase ensures that a suitcase finally becomes really functional. The suitcase offers extra storage space and is available in two special versions: one with a front pocket so that you can quickly and effortlessly access your laptop and most important items at the airport without opening the whole suitcase and the variant without a front pocket; for whom it is sufficient to only take your essentials with you on a trip. All suitcases in the NORTVI line are equipped with the quietest whisper wheels that ensure that you drive almost silently on any surface.

“We want to set a completely new course in the suitcase industry. An industry characterized by old giants, high margins, dull designs and without an eye for sustainability. We are making a major change and show that a suitcase is a sustainable and fashionable extension of your outfit.”

Customizable and Fun:

Each suitcase can be personalized with a special suitcase strap. This way you make your suitcase instantly recognizable and made to match your own outfit. NORTVI starts with a collection of nine different straps, each with a unique color palette and design. The range is expanded in collaboration with various Amsterdam designers so that the collection remains unique at all times.

It is NORTVI’s goals to change the world’s perception of travelling. Nowadays, many people have the means to travel but tend to underestimate the environmental consequences. They believe in a new reality where sustainable and durable travel luggage that respects the environment is the new norm. Yet, they value high quality and great design and see their suitcases as a stylish extension of your outfit. It is their duty to create travel luggage that is used for a lifetime and to use as many eco-friendly materials as possible. Join their movement!

Explore their products: https://nortvi.com