Ever since the 60’s Lois Jeans has been famous for its sexy and iconic fits and flares. Born and raised in Valencia, Lois was determined to go international and so they did. The brand was known for breaking boundaries and soon young people around the world realised that Lois was their perfect fit.

Now, years later Lois is still thriving but this time holding a double passport with a home in Valencia and Amsterdam. Although Amsterdam is a big part of the ‘new Lois’ the Spanish roots have grown deeper and a modern Mediterranean aesthetic and strategy arose. In a sense, Lois has returned home. This renewed connection has inspired Lois to create a soulful, authentic and inviting retail concept: CASA LOIS.

This new concept has transformed Lois Galería into a warm and welcoming home where customers are guests and the spirit of Lois has become tangible. The use of natural materials, organic shapes and earth tones make for a harmonious and calming environment. Lois Galería transports you to an idyllic Finca, a traditional house on the countryside of Spain. Creating a perfect backdrop to the freshness of blue from the jeans and the airy linens that are focal points within the collections. This renewed space allows you to take a little break from the ordinary with the rural calm of Spain and the iconic 70’s feel which Lois is known for.

The complete interior is custom-made and built from scratch, which has resulted in authentic and original choices. Built-in seats invite you to unwind for a moment and slow down the Spanish way. Lois Galería measures 65 m2 and provides a spacious and natural ow to stroll through.

From clothing to curated interior objects and accessories, CASA LOIS is a re ection of the essence of the brand and houses everything that is Lois. A great example of how a strong heritage and deep roots can translate into a contemporary, meaningful and future forward retail experience. Take a peek inside the home of Lois at Lois Galería, Gerard Doustraat 74, Amsterdam.