Acqua di Parma’s colonie universe welcomes Colonia Futura. So much more than just a fragrance, this new addition to the colonie family is a genuine emblem of the sustainability manifesto of the historic Italian Maison, and significantly takes the name of Acqua di Parma Futura. Sustainability, in Acqua di Parma’s view, means preserving traditions, respecting and renewing them in a dynamic and vibrant transition between past, present and future, to protect and share authentic Italian style, alive and intact, to future generations.

Colonia Futura is the contemporary expression of this drive towards the preservation and promotion of the natural and cultural resources that has existed since the Maison’s beginnings, and that has become an ethical, transparent and sustainable approach. For over a century, Acqua di Parma’s purpose has indeed been to safeguard and pass on the Art of Italian Living, knowing that the prerequisite to make this happen is protecting the cultural, artistic and natural heritage of Italy. Today, as new environmental scenarios and lifestyles develop, the Maison feels it is the right time to release a new product that encapsulates this commitment. This fragrance is rmly rooted to the heart of the Maison, to its original universe – the planet of the colonie. In fact, Colonia Futura follows the tradition of Colonia, an iconic fragrance of the Maison, in the olfactory signature and in the quality of its Frutti d’Oro, but projects it into the future, in the knowledge that sustainability is the necessary condition for evolution.

Colonia Futura is therefore Acqua di Parma’s declaration of love for nature: a vibrant explosion of natural ingredients, wonderfully combined, but, at the same time, individually bursting out. It is transparent in its essence and vibrating with life.

The composition of the new Eau de Cologne contains 99%* natural origin ingredients in line with the ISO16128 standard. Closely connected with nature and fully respectful of the local crops and human resources employed to make it, this fragrance takes some of the most classical and attractive ingredients of the Cologne scent structure and therefore of the history of perfumery, selecting the best and richest qualities of original sensory tones and reinterpreting them in a vibrating and contemporary key. The bright sparkling tones of P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin)

Bergamot from Calabria, the roundness of Clary Sage and the freshness of Lavender are the key essences of Colonia Futura. These olfactory notes are skilfully blended and dosed in a composition highlighting the bright richness of Italian sun- lled landscapes, which has always been the trademark of Colonia.

The packaging, designed in accordance with an environmentally-friendly format, is also sustainable. Among the packaging innovations there is the recycled and recyclable plastic cap, replacing the iconic bakelite one. The dispenser can also easily be parted from the glass bottle making it easily removed for recycling. The label is made with scrap dust from marble quarries: it is applied to the bottle and to the Parma yellow box characterised by its trademark cylinder shape, and by sage green tones that echo the main ingredient of Colonia Futura. The iconic cylinder is made of FSC certi ed cardboard. Each individual element hints at a sustainability that affects each and every level of the production chain and places the individual components in perspective of a circular economy.

The recyclable nature of all these elements of Colonia Futura embodies Acqua di Parma’s efforts to promote a more conscious use of the planet’s resources and at the same time reap the bene ts of the circular economy. Recycling glass, as well as plastic, means a lower emission of polluting materials on the planet, for an overall bene t at every level, from environmental to social.

In this way, Colonia Futura becomes part of that world of values which sees in the rite of passage between generations, the leitmotif of the whole world of Acqua di Parma Colonie. Past, present and future are dimensions of time that exist only alongside each other so that the new fragrance is Acqua di Parma’s way of facing the future with a gift directly from nature.