440ME, the recently launched contemporary womenswear fashion brand, is thrilled to announce its ambitious expansion into the European market, following the successful launch on their home market, China, earlier this year.

440ME, pronounced ‘FOAM,’ offers chic and sustainable wardrobe choices designed for the everyday lives of working women. The brand’s founder and Creative Director, Jennifer Zhang, has a rich background, having lived in London, New York, and now Shanghai, which has greatly influenced the brand’s global perspective and design ethos.

Soon to be known for its timeless elegance and commitment to sustainable practices, 440ME is set to captivate a global audience with its sophisticated and eco-conscious collections.

Drawing inspiration from 90’s New York aesthetics and Scandinavian minimalism, 440ME is set to give an effortless approach to contemporary fashion for European audiences. The brand’s European E-commerce platform is scheduled to be unveiled November 10th, providing an immersive and luxurious online shopping experience that aligns with the brand universe.

The brand’s core philosophy revolves around crafting clothing that effortlessly combines chic aesthetics with versatility, catering to the efficiency-focused consumer who values timeless style over fleeting trends.

440ME’s European debut is poised to mark a significant milestone in the brand’s history, as it aims to establish itself as a frontrunner in the European contemporary fashion scene.

The brand invites women to embrace its distinctive approach to fashion, one that resonates with everyday wear, efficient style, and enduring elegance. The brand’s European expansion is a significant step in its journey toward becoming a global fashion sensation.

440ME’s European debut will showcase its AW23 debut collection, reflecting the brand’s dedication to timeless aesthetics and eco-friendly practices. European consumers can expect a range of meticulously crafted garments that embody elegance, quality, and sustainability.

Zhang says, “We are incredibly excited to introduce 440ME to the European market. Our brand stands for timeless elegance and circular fashion, and we are confident that European consumers will appreciate our commitment to quality and the environment. Following the examples set by brands I have been shopping and following for many years myself, 440ME is now eager to become a part of Europe’s vibrant fashion landscape.”

440ME’s European expansion is set to unfold in the coming months, with the opening of its E-commerce platform mid-November. The brand is poised to make its mark in Europe, just as it has done in Shanghai the past months.

About 440ME:

440ME is a contemporary womenswear brand that redefines the concept of contemporary fashion, drawing inspiration from 90’s New York style and Scandinavian minimalism.

Born in Shanghai and recently launched in China in July 2023, the brand offers chic and versatile clothing that transcends trends, appealing to women who prioritize timeless style and efficiency in their wardrobes.

Founded on the principles of sustainability, quality, and design, 440ME is dedicated to making a positive impact on the world of fashion.