Joining the 327 and 237 models within the brand’s Shifted collection, this new unisex silhouette leans into 1970s nostalgia andfeatures sustainable details.

The new XC-72 pushes its classic sources of inspiration even further into unexplored territory, with a time-bending design inspired by the speculative technological optimism of 1970s concept cars. Three distinctive traction outsole patterns and angular features are employed to give the familiar low-cut sleekness of the era’s running shoes an aggressive, experimental edge. The XC-72 is the future that the past dreamed about, come to life.

The global launch of the XC-72 comes on the heels of the silhouette’s debut with long-time collaborator Casablanca and builds on the release of the trend-forward 327, which also combines '70s heritage and contemporary design. 

The XC-72 amplifies that dichotomy and accelerates the Shifted collection into a new conceptual space, blending high quality materials and modern trends with nostalgia-inducing details such as a squared toe inspired by 1970s concept car designs. 

“The XC-72 is the physical embodiment of retro-futurism,” said XC-72 designer Charlotte Lee. “As with the 327, I asked myself ‘if I was a designer in the 70’s what would I create as new balance’s concept car?’. I took inspiration and specific elements from the past and reimagined them for today’s consumer. This methodology creates a timeless design that we hope will be reimagined, yet again, in another 40 years.”

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