New Amsterdam Surf Association welcomes you to Amsterdam. A city of history, architecture, art, and coffeeshops. A city that feels like a maze with its curved streets alongside small canals. A city, owned by bicycle riders. A walk through Amsterdam will give you all the feels of an overcrowded city with big contradictions of party and cultural tourism, all packaged in the size of a little town. New Amsterdam Surf Association welcomes you to Amsterdam and hopes that you enjoy your ride along the diverse events and hotspots. 

New Amsterdam Surf Association stayed true to their free spirit and took tourism by heart.  For this collection, the brand went to an island that blocks most of their surf swell, the United Kingdom. To travel to Cornwall, the country’s surf side, to catch some waves and shoot the campaign pictures, they linked up with the team of Orienteer magazine.

As always, the campaign is shot on the surf team of New Amsterdam Surf Association. This time, they are embodying stereotypical tourist vibes, in and around the  surf town Newquay.

The brand dod not only get inspired on what they wear on the beach and in the city, but also what they dress up in to sit behind the desk. These things in mind resulted in a comfy yet stylish collection. Loose shirting, mixed with comfy suiting is a new key development for this season next to core jersey classics. 

New Amsterdam Surf Association extended their offer in shapes and fits. They created a collection with outfits that represent the Brands core, Amsterdam city and the surf lifestyle. 

As always, the oyster logo graphics are part of the collection. Besides the oyster logo, you can find thematically tourist images and screenprints with artworks made out of mixtures of different techniques.