IZIPIZI presents its new colours and textures in the new “Daydream” collection. This collection includes all the models offered by the French brand; sunglasses, reading glasses, monitor glasses and even glasses for children.

Never stop dreaming
Because we should never stop dreaming, IZIPIZI extends the magical feeling of dreaming into the daytime. Daydream, the collection inspired by a daydream, is an ode to freedom. IZIPIZI takes this collection a step further and is happy to take you there.

The frames
The models in this collection balance perception and imagination. The new transparent frames contrast with the first collection, which had a completely shiny finish. Opaque becomes clear. Colours shine and disappear at the same time. Soft violet meets waxy ivory, soothing green, mysterious sky blue and spicy red.

This new collection explores the world of emotions, surprises, excites and transports you into the
ethereal unknown. What more can we ask from a dream?