In 2022, Neopop closed its 15th edition with a historic mark, the largest attendance ever at the Forte de Santiago da Barra, in Viana do Castelo. This year the organisation predicts another full house for its 16th edition, which takes place on the 10th, 11th and 12th of August. With its super solid electronic music programme, Neopop takes place in Viana do Castelo, a unique location that brings together the best of the region’s cultural, geographical, gastronomic and ethnographic heritage, with the support of the City Council, a key partner in the festival’s success.

Since 2005, this city in the Minho region of Portugal has welcomed the biggest names of techno and electronica. This year Neopop Festival will be headlined by Richie Hawtin, a British-born and Canadian-raised artist, who has earned recognition for his work in other fields beyond music, including art and technology. Known for exploring and breaking down conceptual frontiers, his avant-garde electronic music compositions have inspired and influenced many other artists for decades. 

Charlotte de Witte will make her debut at Neopop Festival. A truly iconic figure in the world of techno, recognized for her bold and innovative approach to music production and performance, as well as exploring the limits of the dancefloor. Her hard work has been recognized with several awards, including Best Techno DJ at the 2019 DJ Awards, and a residency at BBC Radio 1. However, it’s her passion for exploring new horizons within electronic music that really drives her dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence. 

Chicago-born Honey Dijon is known for both her stratospheric rise as a DJ and her fashion line. Her new album, Black Girl Magic, is a celebration of her life, work and beliefs, where she has collaborated with black and queer singers and composers who share her vision of love, life, resistance and the fight against oppression. The American artist was also awarded a Grammy for her collaboration on Beyoncé’s latest album. 

Batish and Artur, better known as ARTBAT, began producing in the studio with the goal of bringing Ukrainian music to the world, and their wish became a reality in next to no time. The release of ‘Aquarius’ on fryhide, label owned and directed by German producer HOSH, and the release of ‘Planeta EP’ on Solomun’s Diynamic label, originated the biggest boom of their careers, taking the duo to the top and earning them spots at some of the most renowned electronic music festivals.

Ben Klock is a German DJ and producer, whose name is linked to Berghain and Ostgut Ton. His ability to understand what’s happening on the dancefloor and adapt his sound accordingly has earned him a spot on some of the world’s most important stages. His captivating and mesmerizing rhythms, accompanied by the typical sensitivity associated to house music, have created some of the most acclaimed sets in electronic music. 

Also performing at this year’s edition will be British DJ and producer DAX J, who’s path has been marked by many unexpected circumstances and a great deal of perseverance. Initially renowned as a drum & bass head, he went from pirate radio to magazine covers, and now stands behind the controls at techno raves all over the world. However, it was his technical skill, careful selection and dedication that put him at the forefront of the techno universe, collecting various awards over the years as a results of his devotion to the music. 

Dubfire, Nicole Moudaber and Paco Osuna are three prominent figures on the electronic music scene. The three artists will join forces for a special performance at Neopop Festival, with their track record promising an unforgettable show. Dubfire has been part of the electronic universe for over 30 years, having achieved success with the Deep Dish duo, and later as a solo artist. He’s known for his underground style of house and techno and has reinvented the live concert experience with HYBRIDNicole Moudaber, a Nigerian-born artist of Lebanese descent, is a DJ and producer with a long resumé, the founder of MOOD Records, and the host of an award-winning weekly radio show called In The MOODPaco Osuna is celebrated for his creativity and courage in seeking new forms of expression. As the founder of Mindshake, he created one of the most important techno labels in the US and Europe, appearing at major festivals such as Sónar, Awakenings or Tomorrowland. In 2022, he started NOW HERE, a residency in Ibiza focused on living in the present and enjoying every moment to the fullest. 

Nina Kraviz is one of the most acclaimed female DJs and producers on the international techno scene. Originally from Irkutsk, in Siberia, she established herself as a DJ and producer in the mid-2000s and is also the founder and owner of record label Trip (трип). In recent years, she has become one of the biggest names in the techno industry. She presents her DJ sets at some of the most important festivals, namely Time Warp, Sónar, Awakenings, Primavera Sound and Coachella, and has produced some of the most memorable tracks of the last decade, such as “Ghetto Kraviz”. 

Rødhåd is the pseudonym of Mike Bierbach, a Berlin-based DJ and producer known for his timeless sound, ranging between deep, powerful and melancholic dub techno, the most direct and effective techno, and house. He gained his experience DJing in his hometown for over ten years, taking his time to refine his skills and style. In 2009, he started his own label – Dystopian – which was quickly recognised as a platform for authentic techno music, and has since released multiple EPs and remixes, with his work receiving praise from critics and numerous publications within the genre. In 2018, he founded a new label, WSNWG, which works as a home for collaborative creations. Despite his success as a producer, Rødhåd’s strong suit is his DJing, a skill that has earned him a large and dedicated fan base.

To complete the lineup, Chris Liebing, PAN-POT, Héctor Oaks, Rebekah and Shlømo will also be performing. Last but not least, the long-awaited debuts of Francesco del Garda, Mall Grab, LSDXOXO and Partiboi69, among others, besides Portuguese talents in the likes of Biia, Lewis Fautzi, Rui Vargas, Vil, and stage visuals signed by DubLab, will add to this amazing programme. 

The highly anticipated festival has now also released its visual aesthetic campaign: Neoverse.

Following on the upcoming rise of attention to metaverse concepts, AI tools and the impact of technology in our everyday lives, we believe that this Neopop embodies this urge to include enhanced digital experiences showcasing technology, humans and their interaction within these settings.

Neoverse is a fiction narrative that embodies the spirit of Neopop Festival and combines it with a digitally produced hyper reality. 

The video content for this media campaign is inspired by the combined audio and visual experience the festival delivers to its audience. A celebration of the human connection and the exaltation of electronic music and technology as a language in itself.

Full lineup

ARTBAT | Backbone | Ben Klock | BIIA | Catarina Silva | Charlotte de Witte | Chris Liebing | Cravo | Cruz | Daria Kolosova x Etapp Kyle | Dasha Rush | David Moreira | Dax J | Diana Oliveira | Dubfire b3b Nicole Moudaber b3b Paco Osuna | FJAAK | Francesco Del Garda | Frank Maurel | Freshkitos | Gromma | Héctor Oaks | Honey Dijon | IMOGEN | Kolo55 aka Paul Ritch live | La La | Lewis Fautzi | LSDXOXO | Luisa | Mall Grab | Maria Callapez | Mind Against | Moses | Nina Kraviz | Nuno Carneiro | Oscar Mulero | PAN-POT | Partiboi69 | Patrick Mason | Rebekah | Richie Hawtin | Rødhåd | Rui Vargas | Ruuar | Salbany live | Serginho | Shlømo | Solar | Surgeon live | Tiago Carvalho | Tiago Fragateiro | Vasco Valente | Vil | VTSS | Zadig  | Ze Salvador 

New lineup additions

ARTBAT | Backbone | Ben Klock | Catarina Silva | Cravo | Cruz | Daria Kolosova x Etapp Kyle | Dasha Rush | David Moreira | Diana Oliveira | Frank Maurel | Freshkitos | Gromma | Héctor Oaks | IMOGEN |  Kolo55 aka Paul Ritch live | La La | LSDXOXO | Luisa | Maria Callapez | Moses | Nina Kraviz | Nuno Carneiro | Oscar Mulero | Partiboi69 | Patrick Mason | Rebekah | Ruuar | Salbany live | Serginho | Shlømo | Solar | Surgeon live | Tiago Carvalho | Tiago Fragateiro | Vasco Valente| VTSS | Zadig | Ze Salvador 

Thursday/Quinta-feira 10

ARTBAT | Cruz | David Moreira | Dubfire b3b Nicole Moudaber b3b Paco Osuna | Francesco Del Garda | Gromma | Honey Dijon | La La | LSDXOXO | Luisa | Mall Grab | Mind Against | Moses| Nuno Carneiro | PAN-POT | Partiboi69 | Rui Vargas | Serginho | Surgeon live | Ze Salvador 


ARTBAT | Dubfire b3b Nicole Moudaber b3b Paco Osuna | Honey Dijon | La La | Mind Against | PAN-POT | Rui Vargas | Serginho | Ze Salvador 


Cruz | David Moreira | Francesco Del Garda | Gromma | LSDXOXO | Luisa | Mall Grab | Moses | Nuno Carneiro | Partiboi69 | Surgeon live

Friday/Sexta-feira 11

Ben Klock | Catarina Silva | Cravo | Dasha Rush | FJAAK | Héctor Oaks | IMOGEN | Kolo55 aka Paul Ritch live | Lewis Fautzi | Maria Callapez | Oscar Mulero | Richie Hawtin | Ruuar | Salbany live | Solar | Tiago Carvalho | Tiago Fragateiro | Vasco Valente | Vil | VTSS | Zadig  


Ben Klock | Catarina Silva | Cravo | FJAAK | Héctor Oaks | IMOGEN | Richie Hawtin | Salbany live | Tiago Carvalho | Vasco Valente | Vil | VTSS 


Dasha Rush | Kolo55 aka Paul Ritch live | Lewis Fautzi | Maria Callapez | Oscar Mulero | Ruuar | Solar | Tiago Fragateiro | Zadig  

Saturday/Sábado 12

Backbone | BIIA | Charlotte de Witte | Chris Liebing | Daria Kolosova x Etapp Kyle | Dax J | Diana Oliveira| Frank Maurel | Freshkitos | Nina Kraviz | Patrick Mason | Rebekah | Rødhåd | Shlømo


Charlotte de Witte | Chris Liebing | Diana Oliveira | Frank Maurel | Freshkitos | Nina Kraviz| Rødhåd


Backbone | BIIA | Daria Kolosova x Etapp Kyle | Dax J | Patrick Mason | Rebekah | Shlømo

Three-day passes for Neopop are priced at €105 and early bird day tickets at 45€. 
Tickets are available here