Rotterdam-based solo artist Navarone Cole presents his single De Tijd Vliegt. This work is about overcoming all kinds of adversity and also serves as a sign to those people in Navarone’s life who underestimated him.

In the music video, Navarone refers to time passing by as well as a euphoric moment in which he realizes that new doors open when you are willing to close certain doors behind you.
We also see Navarone flying at one point. The concept behind this is that if you give them time, things will eventually reach their peak.

D.O.P. – Lenny Lu
Director – Luuk Sieben
Steadicam Operator – Tim Raaf Zentner
Focus Puller – Harvey van der Gang
VFX artist – Olivier Bink
Colorgrading – Jacob Creach
Styling – Navarone Cole
Set Design – Julia Bartelds
Art Direction: Sean van Echelpoel & Elin Visser
Location Manager: Noenoe Marie Helene
Art Direction assistent: David Toko
Production: Dewi Sytsema
PA1: Twan Bierens
PA2: Sofia Yaremova
Music: Navarone Cole
Composer & Producer – Rutger van Eck
Mix – Martijn Ruytinx
Master – Ivo Statinski
Sound Design – Delawhere
Voice Over – Agostinho Pedro

Cast: Laurien Demecheleer, Dongala do Nascimento António, Jade Taeymans, Wesley Haas, Luiza Pop, Bobby R. Kenninck, Stefan Santos, Jeffrey van Sichem, Frederique van Moor, Emmanuel Basoka Mubenga, Yolan Kaburahe, Osakio, Kayo Maertens, Fouzi Guezati, Zoë Baart, Djarris El-Mouhaddab, Jari van Den Bosch

Special thanks to OFFGRID Agency, CINESUPPLY, Fat Crayon, UPR, C.P. Company, Margreeth Olsthoorn, MM6, PALET, NYN Vintage, Ivy Lee, HUE, The New Originals, G-Star, Van der Wilt, Blurry RMT, HAAS, JW Anderson, Daily Paper, SAMSØE SAMSØE, Cinesupply