Nature brings people together. Nature is unpredictable, which is what makes it powerful. In addition, she is of course vulnerable. Nature has an influence on different lives and has created a lot of diversity in and on the earth, we as human beings being there and learning to live with nature, eventually even having an influence on her. We must now ensure a balance between humanity, economy and the environment in order to not exhaust the earth of its natural resources. Those who experience the value of nature also feel the vulnerability of the earth. We ourselves are also very vulnerable to nature because we have to find a balance between our own self-interest and what the earth can handle. We have been on the earth for so long that we have the various elements under control in daily life. We as human beings have done this sublimely. We have been able to achieve an accessibility far beyond our own confines, streching our arms all over the planet, making the world small once again. 

Ilja Hemmen