To cultivate its sources of inspiration and to promote the Belgian creative scene, the Belgian fashion house NATAN has founded The Artist Studio. The initiatives to establish the Artist Studio resonate with the values ​​of passion, reflection on current events and know-how, which are in the DNA of the fashion house. In this remarkable autumn, three carefully selected artists will show their work in the boutiques of Maison Natan.


In October, Margaux Baert, graphic designer and paper artist, will show her paper creations in the Maison Natan boutique in Knokke. The five paper birds of paradise float through the boutique to evoke a dreamy image and poetic moment for the visitor. The birds pay homage to the sensuality and elegance that Natan is known for, with the color combination of their plumage being inspired by the fashion house's autumn / winter collection. 


In October, Marie Michielssen, designer-ceramist and designer at Serax, will also show her papier-mâché structures. Inspired by the new 1.5 meter / 6-feet society, she decided to sculpt folding screens as an artistic solution to guarantee the rules of distance in a space. 


Finally, designer Ben Storms will show his In Hale / Ex Hale collection in the boutique in Brussels in November. Its huge marble blocks on metal 'pillows' will be placed in the boutique to create the illusion that each piece of solid marble is light and airy.