Blazing a trail in circular innovation, premium casualwear brand Napapijri today unveils Infinity, its firstcircular, 100% recyclable jacket embodying Napapijri’s mission to design a circular future for fashion. The first jacket of its kind, Infinity has been three years in the making. Its main breakthrough comes from an intensive, synergistic effort to innovate the way in which fashion impacts the environment through the employment of recyclable materials and circular economy models.

Infinity’s main material innovation is its mono-material composition: its filling and trims are made fromNylon 6, while its fabric is made from ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon, a high-performance nylon 6 yarn recycled from discarded fishing nets and other waste materials. The use of one material allows for an easier recycling process – the jacket can enter the recycling machine as it is – and fibres are upcycled without losing any of their original characteristic or quality, which means that ECONYL®: Regenerated Nylon can be recycled again and again. By building Infinity using Nylon 6, Napapijri has created a virtuous circle where the jacket can be recycled and reimagined infinitely.

The project marks a decisive step in Napapijri’s quest for innovative solutions in circular design. AsNapapijri’s Senior Marketing Director, Vicki Bohlbro, explains: “As a brand whose origins are firmlyplaced in the beautiful alpine landscape, the safeguard of nature has always been on top of our agenda. Now more than ever, we are aware of the pressing issues we are collectively asked to address. We have chosen to do so by pioneering the future of fashion with Infinity, a jacket that embodies our efforts to combine design, sustainability, and innovation to inspire a shift in the role ourindustry has to play in the preservation of the planet and its people through circularity”.

To close the loop and make the innovation truly circular, Napapijri has developed a unique digital take-back programme through which the jacket can be returned and recycled. When purchasing Infinity, customers will be invited to register their jacket online through a unique identifier. In order to encourage mindful consumption, customers will have the option of returning their jacket only after two years from purchase. Infinity will then be processed into new yarn and new products. Upon returning the jacket, customers will receive a 100 Euro voucher to be used at for the purchase of their next Infinity product.

“Napapijri is the first brand to take a jacket back to be recycled into new ECONYL® material thanks toour unique Regeneration System,” says Giulio Bonazzi, CEO of Aquafil (the makers ofECONYL®). “So, when the jacket reaches the end if its life, it is only the beginning. This is a real first.”

Timotej Letonja