The Spring/Summer 2023 collection, entitled Spirit and Matter, is an exploration of craft and process. The presence of the atelier is felt in every Nanushka piece. A design process demands both craft and intuition, the ability to approach design organically and leave room for accident. The collection is a play on this idea: The human touch is not always visible. But it shines through in every detail. 

The concepts of fluidity, self-expression and perception follow on from Resort 2023, with this season offering a refreshed take on juxtaposed proportions. Nanushka interlaces feminine and masculine elements throughout this collection; cinched waists emerge alongside boxy shoulders to accentuate the softness and strength of menswear and womenswear, respectively. 

Spring/Summer 2023 illustrates the physical process of craft and design. Handcrafted elements co-exist with technical fabrics across the collection, exploring the interconnectivity of beauty and function. This collection demands an intuitive and organic design approach, leaving room for unintentional results such as distorted prints caused by draping, and new silhouettes created by versatile tying techniques. Neo-natural elements also shine through, as Nanushka’s ongoing jewelry collaboration with Athens-based brand, Vasiliki, delivers organically formed pieces crafted from precious metals. 

“New heritage, innovative craft and bohemian spirit comprise Nanushka’s core design principles. I believe that spirit shines through matter, and Spring/Summer 2023 aims to evoke this sentiment with its expressive textures, colors and silhouettes. 

Moreover, this season serves as an embodiment of artisanal luxury – bringing decorative yet functional craft elements finished by local experts to present beautifully crafted garments, inspired by Hungarian heritage. The human touch is not always visible, but it shines through in every detail.”

Sandra Sandor, Nanushka Creative Director

Minimizing textile waste is a key creative principle for Nanushka, our exclusively developed OKOBORTM brings supple alt-leather to the fore in key silhouettes. Sleek slip satin is sourced from responsibly-managed forests to create padded utility wear, whilst garments are altered to expose imperfections in favor of no- waste tailoring.

Spring/Summer 2023 experiments with abstraction in the form of oversized pilgrim collars, perfect for layering, and shirts and jackets gathered for a ruching effect. Sheer layers oppose summer fleeces and heavy-duty denim, each fabrication taking refreshing prints with ease, whilst closure variations around the waistband enable dual wearability. Soft pleating brings an understated twist to classic tailoring, with menswear styles expertly constructed to offer relaxed, transformative fits. Meanwhile, embroidery details on womenswear and soft accessories, such as the crochet stitch, add a multi-textural finish.

Since launching in 2019, Nanushka bags remain a product of intuitive design, as seen with the Origami – a flat-fold, structural silhouette that unites innovation with traditional craft elements. Expertly and individually hand crocheted by local artisans, the Crochet Origami is the manifestation of Nanushka’s design codes.

Spirit and Matter takes Nanushka’s core selection of high-quality eyewear made from responsibly-sourced materials, and adds functional frames distinguished by dynamic shapes and contemporary colors. As the new season continues to explore ideas of aesthetic modernity, gold-tone details re-appear in the form of eyewear chains; re-affirming the brand’s focus on instilling function in beauty.


Creative Director: Sandra Sandor | Photography: Wertan & Co. | Music: Wertan & Co. | Location: Nanushka HQ

Models: Lili Hajdu

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